Friday, 25 January 2013

Viewing point in Miyazu


About 15mins climb up stairs and you can reach to the view point which famous painter Sesshu(雪舟) draw Amanohashidate(天橋立). That painting is a national treasure.

In mid-April to end of May you can see flower "Mitsubatutuji(みつばつつじ)" Rhododendron dilatatum.

  • 35mins walk (2.6km) from Miyazu(宮津) station
  • 5mins by bus from Miyazu station and get off at Shiizakiguchi(獅子崎口) then walk about 10mins(650m) 
  • 15mins from Miyazu station by bicycle
  • 30mins from Amanohashidate station by bicycle