Friday, 25 January 2013

From Osaka(Itami) airport by direct bus!!

Direct bus available everyday!
The bus company called "Tango kairiku koutsu(丹後海陸交通)" although people usually call "Tankai(丹海)".

Duration: approx. 2hours (Toilet is available on the bus)
Fare(single, adult): to Miyazu(宮津): 2400yen
to Amanohashidate(天橋立): 2450yen

You can reserve your seat from 1 month before of the departure day. I personally recommend to book your seat in advance.
You can reserve your seat by calling this number 0772-42-0338, if you calling from foreign phone +81 772 42 0338. (perhaps they can't speak English.....)
If you make reservation through phone, you need to pay by cash on the board and make sure you have exact amount of money.

Time schedule(Everyday)
From Osaka(Itami) airport(大阪(伊丹)空港)
Osaka(Itami) airport(大阪(伊丹)空港) 13:53 18:43
Miyazu eki (宮津駅) 15:58 20:48
Amanohashidate eki mae(天橋立駅前) 16:07 20:57

From Amanohashidate(天橋立), Miyazu(宮津)
Amanohashidate eki mae(天橋立駅前) 6:45 12:45
Miyazu eki (宮津駅) 6:54 12:54
Osaka(Itami) airport(大阪(伊丹)空港) 8:59 14:59