Thursday, 28 February 2013

Udon noodle restaurant

The restaurant called "Konpira-Udon(こんぴらうどん)" and they are specializing in Udon noodlles. Their noodles&soups are Homemade. I highly recommend!! Forget about what you ate at Udon chain stores in Japan, that's not tasty at all after you tried this one! :D
Usually about 20 different Udon menu available. (Served in cold or hot) Also variety of the menu is depends on season. English menu available with pictures! 

OPEN 11:00-15:00
Price range:700yen-1200yen
Address:2057-32 Tsuruga, Miyazu, Kyoto(京都府宮津市字鶴賀2057-32)
Access: 5mins(400m) walk from Miyazu(宮津) train station

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Japanese confectionery shop, since 1902
Especially made for Doll's Festival day(3rd March, every year)

"Shirafuji-ya-kashiho(白藤屋菓子舗)" is the official name of the shop. Usually people call only the first part "Shirafuji(白藤)".
At this shop you can buy traditional beautiful Japanese sweets. They using local ingredients as much as possible. Some of the sweets are only available in certain time of the year!

OPEN(Monday to Saturday) 8:00-18:00
ADDRESS: 2074 Tsuruga, Miyazu, Kyoto
ACCESS: 2mins(155m) walk from Miyazu(宮津) train station

Their official website in Japanese.

Japanese stone garden lamp for wishing

Chienowa(知恵の輪) - This stone monument originally made as a charm to wish safety travel of ships. Also there is a tradition, when people pass through the ring of monument for 3times, you will grow wise.

Location: Next to the sightseeing boat stop called "Amanohashidate-sanbashi(天橋立桟橋)" Check the map here!
Access: About 5mins walk from Amanohashidate(天橋立) train station

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sea of Clouds at Oe Mountain

To see "sea of clouds"-Unkai(雲海) at Oe Mountain(大江山), usually chances are big in Autumn to early winter.
Access: From Oe(大江) train station, take a bus "towards Oeyama-no-ie大江山の家行き" and get off at the last stop called "Oeyama-no-ie大江山の家". The bus takes about 18mins. Then you need to walk until Onitake-inari-jinjya shrine鬼嶽稲荷神社, 75mins walk from the bus stop. This area is known for trekking route as well.
Bus fare: 200yen(single)

Japanese Demon museum



In this museum, you can learn about ONI(Japanese demons/ trolls/devils). Also you can see the biggest Onigawara(Ogre tile) in Japan, hight:5m, weight: about 10000kg

OPEN 9:00-17:00(Last admission 16:30)
ClOSED every Monday, if Monday is public holiday, will be next day. 28th Dec-4th Jan.
Entrance fee: 310yen/person
Address:909 Bussyouji, Oe, Fukuchiyama, Kyoto (京都府福知山市大江町仏性寺909)
Access: From Oe(大江) train station, take a bus "towards Oeyama-no-ie大江山の家行き" and get off at the last stop called "Oeyama-no-ie大江山の家". The bus takes about 18mins.
Bus fare: 200yen(single)
The official website of the museum in Japanese.

If you interested in Onigawara(Ogre tile), there is Onigawara park(Onigawara kouen鬼瓦公園), 1min walk from Oe(大江) train station. 72 Ogre tiles are exhibited in the park.

Tonchinkan(豚珍館) - Chinese restaurant
Average cost: up to 1000yen
OPEN 11:30-14:00, 17:30-21:00
Address:1951-4 Shinhama, Miyazu, Kyoto(京都府宮津市字新浜1951-4)
Access: 5mins(585m) walk from Miyazu(宮津) train station, the restaurant located in alley.

Azito - Dining&Bar
OPEN: 11:30-14:00&18:00-23:00(last order 22:30)
CLOSED: every Sunday
Price range: Meal from 800yen ~, Drink from 600yen
Address:770 Honmachi, Miyazu, Kyoto(京都府宮津市本町770)
Access: 5mins(560m) walk from Miyazu(宮津) train station

The official website in Japanese.

Bicycle event on 1st&2nd June 2013

Tantan Long Ride(Tantan-rongu-raido/Tantanロングライド)
This event is not a bicycle race. Purpose of this event is enjoy the beautiful nature of Tango area by cycling.

Two different courses are available,
Course A has 6 check points. Course B has 2 check points. Each check point has a time limit and if you can't make it on the time....unfortunately, you can't continue.

Start from Amanohashidate(天橋立) and goal is also Amanohashidate. 
Time 6:00-18:00

You can apply by online from here, (in Japanese)
Application deadline: 6th May 2013 18:00
For further information please contact : ,TEL 075-241-3181, FAX 075-255-6741

The official website in Japanese.
The official facebook page.

Staying at a Boathouse in Ine

KAGIYA(鍵屋) - This Japanese style inn offers an experince to stay in one of the boathouse in Ine area. Local fresh fish is served at the inn. The inn is runned by a young couple and the husband is a proffessional cook, that's why I am absolutely recommend to stay at here, if you like to taste fresh seafood. Also they offer fishing experience! They only take one group each day. NO smoking.
Explanation of Ine boathouse, please click here!

Charge(standard plan inc. dinner&breakfast except Fri&Sat&the day before public holiday):
If your group is 2 persons:20000yen/person+tax
                          3-6 persons:18000yen/person+tax
For the guests: they have offers, from March to November private Ine-bay cruise available for 2-11 persons, about 30mins 1000yen/person.

They also offer a fishing boat for 1-6people, 2-3hrs 4500yen/person. You can borrow fishing tool with bait, 1000yen/person. Which means 5500yen/person for fishing experience.

Reservation, please call 0772-32-0356

Address:864 Kameshima, Ine, Yoza, Kyoto (京都府与謝郡伊根町字亀島864)
Access:From Amanohashidate(天橋立) train station, take a bus "Ine/Kamanyu/Kyougamisaki line伊根・蒲入・経ヶ岬線" towards "Kamanyu蒲入行"get off at "Ine-yubinkyoku-mae(伊根郵便局前)" then 6mins(500m) walk. Bus fare: 980yen/single.

Official website in Japanese.

 Winter view from inside of the inn
 Fresh fish cuisine
Fishing boat
Ine-Bay private cruise

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Amanohashidate Winery(天橋立ワイナリー)

A small winery located near Amanohashidate.
FREE admission&tasting!
OPEN 10:00-17:00
Address:123 Kokubun, Miyazu, Kyoto(京都府宮津市国分123)
*20mins by bus from Amanohashidate train station(天橋立駅) ,take a bus "Ine/Kamanyu/Kyougamisaki line伊根・蒲入・経ヶ岬線" towards "Kamanyu蒲入" and get off at "Amanohashidate-wainari-mae天橋立ワイナリー前". Bus fare:450yen(single)
*By walk about 1hr(5.4km) from Amanohashidate train station through Amanohashidate.
*By bicycle about 30mins from the station.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Hot spring - Asamogawa-onsen/Shizuka-no-sato(浅茂川温泉/静の里)
This hot spring has ocean view and open-air bath, renovated in Nov. 2016. Everyday they switch bath for men and women so if you visiting them 2days in a row, you can experince different type of bath.
Price: 600yen/person
Open: 10:00-22:00 (Last admission time 21:30)
Closed: every Tue(when Tue is Public Holiday, closed on Wed)
Address:1449 Asamogawa, Amino, Kyotango, Kyoto(京都府京丹後市網野町浅茂川1449)
Access: From Amino station, take a bus "Yasaka/Amino-sakyu-sen line(弥栄網野砂丘線)" towards "Yasaka-byoin-mae(弥栄病院前)" about 10mins and get off at "Asamogawa-onsen-shizukanosato(浅茂川温泉 静の里)". Bus fare:200yen/single

Their official website in Japanese.

They also have a pool which can swim all year round.
Open: 10:00-22:00(Last admission time at 21:00),
on Sundays 10:00-19:00(Last admission time at 18:00)
Price: 400yen/person

Hot spring - Sotoyu Hanayuumi(外湯 花ゆうみ)

If you like to enjoy outdoor bath with waterfall, you can try this one!
Price: 600yen/person
Open: 10:00-22:00(Bathing until 21:45)
Last admission time is 21:15
Address:256-1 Hamazume, Amino, Kyotango, Kyoto(京都府京丹後市網野町浜詰256−1)
*Please use Japanese address to find the location on google.
☆By bus about 20mins from Amino station(網野駅). Take a bus "Yasaka/Amino-sakyu line(弥栄網野砂丘線)" towards "Asamogawa-onsen-shizukanosato(浅茂川温泉 静の里)" and get off at "Sotoyu Hanayuumi(外湯 花ゆうみ)". Bus fare: 200yen/single.

☆From Kitsu-onsen station(木津温泉駅) 15mins walk. Please check walking route by following link. I walked this route Nov 2013, not difficult at all to get there from the station ;)
Walking MAP from Kitsu-onsen station to the hot spring.

Their official website in Japanese.

Hot spring - Kumihama-onsen/Yumotokan(久美浜温泉/湯元館)
Well, probably this is the oldest hot spring spot in Tango region so facilities are not new but they maintained well and attracts many Japanese tourists and hold the biggest outdoor bath in Tango region.

Price: 600yen/person
Open: 8:00-21:00
Address:1106-4 Hirata, Kumihama, Kyotango, Kyoto(京都府京丹後市久美浜町平田1106-4)
*Please use Japanese address to find the location on google.
Access: By bus about 30mins from Amino(網野) train station. Take a bus "Yasaka/Amino-sakyu line(弥栄網野砂丘線)" towards "Kumihama-onsen Yumotokan(久美浜温泉 湯元館)" and get off at the last stop! Bus fare: 200yen/single

The official home page in Japanese.

Hot spring - Minatoyuyu(みなと悠悠)

Price: 500yen/person
Open: 12:00-21:00
Address:2102-1 Minyatomiya, Kumihama, Kyotango, Kyoto(京都府京丹後市久美浜町湊宮2102-1)
*Please use Japanese address to find location on google.
Access:Unfortunately, no public transportation close to the hot spring...About 33mins(2.7km) walk from Shotenkyo station(小天橋駅)
**Although, a shared taxi also running in Kumihama town. It costs 500JPY/person per ride within Kumihama town area. Since it is a shared taxi, you need to make a reservation.
Reservation phone number:0772-42-0390 (operation hour: 7:30-18:30)
Better to ask someone who can speak Japanese to book, for example, staff at Shotenkyo station. The shared taxi's operation hour is 8:30-17:30.
***There is also normal taxi company available in the area although the fare will be higher than shared one.
The official website in English.

Hot spring - Ukawa-onsen/Yoshinonosato(宇川温泉/よし野の里)
This hot spring has ocean view although they switch women&men everyday and only oneside has ocean view. The other side offer you Japanese forest feeling. Facilities are very clean and I highly recommend!! You can also stay overnight at a cottage located next to the hot spring building and that cottage has fully equipped kitchen.

Open: 11:00-21:00
Closed: every Thu(except Public Holidays).

Address:1562 Kyuso, Tango, Kyotango, Kyoto(京都府京丹後市丹後町久僧1562)
*Please copy and paste Japanese address to find location on google.

Access: There are 4 buses run every day to Ukawa-onsen(宇川温泉) directly from Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅). Bus fare:400yen/single.

TIPS:This bus goes all the way along the coast of Tango peninsula! I also recommend you to take a bus to Amino station(網野駅) on your way back, so you can see the most part of the beautiful coastline of Tango ;) Then catch a direct train to go back to Amanohashidate.
Bus fare: 200yen/single
Train fare:570yen/single

Their official website in English.

Hot spring - Tango-onsen/Hashiudosou(丹後温泉/はしうど荘)
This is a hot spring spot in youth hostel, so you can stay there as well. Please check about accommodation by following link. Youth hostel - Hashiudosou

Price: 500yen/person
Open: 16:00-22:00 (weekdays), 11:00-22:00 (weekends&public holidays, during summer holiday season).
Last admission time: 21:30
Closed: every 2nd&4th Tue(except Jan, Feb, March, July,August, Nov, Dec)
Address: 632-1 Taiza, Tango, Kyotango, Kyoto(京都府京丹後市丹後町間人632-1)
30mins bus ride from Amino station(網野駅). Take a bus "Kaigan line海岸線" towards "Kyougamisaki経ヶ岬行" and get off at "Tango-cyosya-mae丹後庁舎前". Bus fare:200yen(single)
*Also it is possible to take a direct bus from Kyoto station to the hot spring(get off at "Tango-cyosya-mae丹後庁舎前"). Bus fare:3400yen/single. Please see the detail of how to buy the ticket&where to get on the bus by click here!

The official website in Japanese.

Hot spring - Ononokomachi-onsen(小野小町温泉)

Price: 500yen/person, towel 100yen
Open: 10:00-22:00 (weekdays), 12:00-21:00 (weekends&public holidays).
Last admission time is 21:30
Address: 105-15 Misaka, Omiya, Kyotango, Kyoto(京都府京丹後市大宮町三坂105-15)
*Please copy and paste Japanese address to find the location on google
Access:Unfortunately, there is no public trainsportation access near by. About 21mins(1.6km) walk from Tango-Omiya train station.
The hot spring located inside of a hotel called "Sentoraare-hoteru-kyotangoセントラーレ・ホテル京丹後"

The official website in Japanese.

Hot spring - Yasaka-ashiginu-onsen(弥栄あしぎぬ温泉)
This hot spring located in mountain side of this region. I kind of liked how you going to entre to hot spring spot. If you visit there, you can probably understand what I mean.
Price: 600yen/person
Open: 10:00-22:00
Last admission time is 21:30
Closed: every 3rd Wed(except Public Holidays)
Address:548 Kibashi, Yasaka, Kyotango, Kyoto(京都府京丹後市弥栄町木橋548)
*Please copy and paste Japanese address to find the location on google
Access: About 30mins bus ride from Amino train station(網野駅) take a bus "Yasaka/Amino-sakyu line弥栄網野砂丘線" towards Yasaka-byouin-mae弥栄病院前行" and get off at "Yasaka-Ashiginu-onsen (弥栄あしぎぬ温泉)". Bus fare:200yen(single)

Their offical website in Japanese.

Hot spring&Public pool - Kuahausu-Iwataki(クアハウス岩滝)
There are not many mixed bath in this region. And at this spot, there is an area which men&women can spend time together with wearing swimwear. Usually, you can borrow swimwear from them by free of charge although available size are limited.
If you need to spend time in inside because of too harsh weather or some reason, you can enjoy at this facility. On weekends, sometime they put hundreds of rubber duck in the bath or lighting off in mixed bath zone.

Price:500yen/person for only hot spring
         800yen/person for hot spring and mixed bath area(You must wear swimwear.)
         1200yen/person for all facilities such as gym, pool and so on
Open 10:00-22:00, Last admission time is always 21:30.
Closed every Thu(except Public Holidays)
Address:470, Iwataki, Yosano, Yosa, Kyoto(京都府与謝郡与謝野町字岩滝470)
☆By bus about 14mins from Amanohashidate train station(天橋立駅), take a bus towards "Ine or Kamanyu or Kyougamisaki (伊根・蒲入・経ヶ岬) and get off at Higashimachi(東町) then walk 5mins(400m). Bus fare:200yen/single
*CAUTION* Please don't forget to ask "discount coupon(Waribikiken割引券 in Japanese)" to the bus driver, this is only offer for people who took bus to get to the hot spring.
With this coupon, 500yen→400yen. 800yen→700yen. 1200yen→1000yen.
☆By bicycle about 30mins(6.2km) from Amanohashidate train station.
Their official website in Japanese.


Hot spring - Shiruku-onsen/Yamabiko(シルク温泉/やまびこ)

Price 500yen/person
Open 6:00-23:00, 7:00-23:00 (January&February),
          17:00-23:00(every 3rd Wed)
Last admission time is always 22:00
Address: 165 Shoboji, Tantocho, Toyooka, Hyogo
Unfortunately, no public transport connection close to this hot spring.
Their official homepage in Japanese.

Hot spring - Tantan-onsen/Fukujyunoyu(たんたん温泉/福寿の湯)
Price 500yen/person
Open 11:00-22:00 (weekdays), 10:00-22:00 (weekends&public holidays)
 From 11th January to 28th February finish by 21:00(Last adimission time 20:30).
Closed every Tue
Address: 470 Sakano, Tantocho, Toyooka, Hyogo


Unfortunately, no public transport connection close to this hot spring.
Their official homepage in Japanese.