Friday, 25 January 2013

Direct bus from Osaka

This is the one of the cheapest way to visit Amanohashidate(天橋立)&Miyazu(宮津) directly!
Express bus="Kousoku basu(高速バス)" in Japanese.

Duration: approx. 2hours 30mins (toilet, free wifi are available on the bus)
Fare(single, adult):
From Osaka to Miyazu:2600yen
From Osaka to Amanohashidate:2650yen

You can reserve your seat from 1 month before of the departure day. I personally recommend to book your seat in advance.
If you are already in Osaka city, you can buy the ticket at "Hankyu sanbangai kousoku basu taminaru(阪急三番街高速バスターミナル)" which located in the ground floor of Hankyu train Umeda station(see the access map below).
You can also reserve your seat by calling this number 0772-42-0338, if you calling from foreign phone +81 772 42 0338. (perhaps they can't speak English.....)
If you make reservation through phone, you need to pay by cash on the board and make sure you have exact amount of money.
***You can also book your seat online in English now : D (Updated on 28th July 2016) Select your origin point as "Osaka" and destination point as "Kyoto" and the bus route will be appear.
Each seat has number and driver will tell you before you get on the bus so please make sure to sit on the correct number seat. When you get on the bus, you need to show your printed out ticket or smartphone(iphone) screen of your booking to the driver. Your ticket will be send to your email address on the day before your departure day.

Access to the bus terminal:
Please see the map below. On the map, the terminal is located on "I-6" and you can see a symbol of express bus(bus with pink background).
From JR Osaka station, it takes about 5mins for me although for someone who don't know the area, perhaps better to have about 20mins. Also I recommend you to go to toilet before you go to the terminal because there is only Japanese style toilet and also small with stairs(I went there in 2014 so can be changed).

Time table(Everyday)(Last updated on 3rd July 2016)
From Osaka/Hankyu Umeda(大阪・阪急梅田)
Osaka/Hankyu Umeda(大阪・阪急梅田) 9:50 13:20 18:10
Miyazu station (宮津駅) 12:21 15:58 20:48
Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅前) 12:30 16:07 20:57

From Amanohashidate(天橋立), Miyazu(宮津)
Amanohashidate station (天橋立駅前) 6:45 12:45 16:45
Miyazu station  (宮津駅) 6:54 12:54 16:54
Osaka/Hankyu Umeda(大阪・阪急梅田) 9:21 15:21 19:25