Thursday, 4 September 2014

Great news!! More express buses run everyday from Kyoto station!!

From 1st October 2014, three times a day.
Until 30th September 2014, twice a day.
Maybe you think this is not a big difference but for small town, this is a big change! :)
By this change, you can travel to Miyazu or Amanohashidate from Kyoto after you finished sightseeing in Kyoto because the last bus leaves at 18:00 from Kyoto station.
Although, local buses in Tango region is already finished by the time when you are arriving in the area, make sure you already have place to stay and you need to take a taxi or book pick up service or stay at walking distance from station.
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Baby sumo on 13th Oct 2014!
This is an annual event in Miyazu.
You can see lots of cute babies wearing sumo wrestler costume.
The babies are between 6months to 2 years old. One third of them are girls. In the past, it was only for boys but recently girls are accepted to join the event.
The event starts from 10:00.
Please click here to read about the event detail.