Friday, 25 January 2013

Kanabiki Waterfall - Kanabiki-no-taki(金引の滝)

This waterfall is selected as one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan!
This is the only waterfall which selected from Kyoto region.
The waterfall is 20m wide and 40m high.
Beautiful and refreshing place to visit!

  • 30mins walk (2.5km) from Miyazu(宮津) train station  
  • Take a bus(Kamimiyazu line上宮津線, towards Kamimiyazu上宮津) from Miyazu train station and get off at Kanabiki-no-takiguchi(金引の滝口) then walk 10mins(800m). The bus fare:200yen/single
  • From Miyamura(宮村) train station, 20mins walk(1.6km)  
  • If you riding a bicycle, you need to park your bike because there is stairs up to the waterfall.