Friday, 25 January 2013

The longest swimming beach - Shotenkyo kaisui-yokujo(小天橋海水浴場)

This is the one of the longest beach located along the Japan sea.
The beach is about 8km long with white sand.

Facility(1st July- 31st Aug):
Shower, Toilets, Changing room, shop for snacks&drinks and First-Aid office
Minatomiya, Kumihama, Kyotango, Kyoto京都府京丹後市久美浜町湊宮 Click here for MAP!
*From Tango-Kanno(丹後神野) train station 5mins by car
*From Tango-Kanno train station 15mins by bicycle
*From Tango-Kanno train station 40mins(3.3km) by walk

-There is a tourist office right before you get to the beach about 3km from the train station.
5 bicycle available by FREE of charge but you need 1000yen deposit(you will get it back when you return the bicycle).

*From Kumihama(久美浜) train station 30mins(6.5km) by bicycle
-5 FREE of charge rental bicycles available at the Kumihama train station. You need 1000yen for deposit.