Friday, 25 January 2013

Seated Zen meditation experience- Zazen(座禅)

The purpose of Zazen is to sit quietly and calm your mind.
When participating in zazen, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing (avoid clothes such as jeans and skirts).

Duration: 1hr
Fee: 300yen/person
Place: Chigenji temple(智源寺), 769 Kyokaido Miyazu, Kyoto (京都府宮津市京街道769)

  • 12mins walk (1km) from Miyazu(宮津) train station
  • 3mins by bus(Ine-Kamanyu-Kyougamisaki line 伊根・蒲入・経ヶ岬線, towards Kamimiyazu上宮津) from Miyazu train station and get off at Kyokaido(京街道) then walk about 100m, Bus fare: 150yen/single
  • 5mins by bicycle
For reservation call this number 0772-45-1625