Friday, 25 January 2013

Coin locker in Amanohashidate&Miyazu

Coin locker = Koinlokka(コインロッカー) 
At Amanohashidate train station, there are two places both of them located in outside of the station.
1:Left side of the station, next to toilet&police station.
2:Right side of the station towards a hot spring spot called "Chie-no-yu(智恵の湯)".

Open:24rs(Although, you can't get any help except Amanohashidate Tourist Information operation hours 9:00-18:00/365days)
Price(one time, one day): 300yen (small) 400yen (medium), you can store your luggage up to 3 days.
Payment: 100yen coin only!

If you have a big luggage which cannot fit into the coin locker in Amanohashidate, you can ask at two souvenier shops accross the station. The cost is usually up to 500yen/bag, not possible to store overnight. Both of the shops only have Japanese signs.
*Surumeya(するめや)- Go out from station and take a right and cross the road and you will pass orange JP sign(Japan post office) then soon you will find on your left. This shop is on the way to Amanohashidate itself.
*Chiekurabe(智恵くらべ)-Go out from station and take a left and you will see this store opposite side of the bus stop.
At Miyazu train station, opposite side of ticket machine, you will see the coin locker.
Open 6:00-22:00
Price: 300yen(small), 400yen(medium)
Payment: 100yen coin only!

The biggest shopping market called "Mipple" also provide FREE coin locker, you get money back after you used.
Open 10:00-20:00
Location: Ground floor(under the escalator) of Mipple,
                3012 Hamamachi, Miyazu, Kyoto (京都府宮津市浜町3012)