Friday, 25 January 2013

Hospital in Miyazu

Takeda Hospital=Takeda byouin(武田病院)
If you need to visit doctor, this hospital offers several different specialties.
  • Internal medicine 内科
  • Gastroenterology 消化器内科
  • Cardiology 循環器内科
  • Surgery 外科
  • Gastroenterological surgery 消化器外科
  • Proctology 肛門外科
  • Dermatology 皮膚科
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery形成外科
  • Orthopaedics 整形外科
  • Urology 泌尿器科
  • Anesthesiology 麻酔科
Address:2059-1 Tsuruga, Miyazu, Kyoto(京都府宮津市鶴賀2059-1)
              3mins walk from Miyazu train station.
Reception time 8:30-11:30&13:30-16:30 (Monday to Friday), 8:30-11:30(Saturday)
Clinical services 9:00-12:00&14:00-17:00(Monday to Friday), 9:00-12:0(Saturday)
Closed:Sunday&Public holidays
Official website available only in Japanese.
Emergency call ambulance is 119 in everywhere in Japan.
Landline telephone is better to use since it will be connect directly to the area office where you are.