Sunday, 28 April 2013

From 27th April to 6th May 2013

These days are called "Golden week" in Japan.
This means one of the biggest holiday period in Japan.
Due to that fact, can be crowded with tourists everywhere.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Guest House on the hill(in the nature) with ocean view

This guest house is re-open on 27th April 2013!
The guest house located inside of a park called "Umi-to-hoshi-no-mieru-oka-kouen"(海と星の見える丘公園) Literary means "the park on the hill, at there you can see sea and stars". While you are staying, you can use 150cm astronomical telescope by FREE of charge.

Capacity: 40 people
Dormitory room (4-8people)
There are western style rooms and Japanese style rooms.
Price: 3500yen/person per night, University student 2500yen/person per night
Meals: Breakfast 600yen, Lunch 800yen, Dinner 2000yen
You must make a reservation at least 7days ahead of your stay.

Contact: or +81 772 28 9111

Address: Satohami, Miyazu, Kyoto 626-0211(〒626-0211京都府宮津市里波見)

From Amanohashidate train station(天橋立駅) take a bus(Ine/Kamanyu/Kyougamisaki line伊根・蒲入・経ヶ岬線) about 40mins towards Ine or Kamanyu or Kyougamisaki (伊根 or 蒲入 or 経ヶ岬). Get off at "Hamiguchi(波見口)". About 30mins(2km) walk from the bus stop. Bus fare 400yen/single. If you are going to stay overnight, they have pick up service available from the bus stop, please ask for further information when you booking with them.
Website(only available in Japanese):Umihoshi

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Foot bath / Ashiyu(足湯)

OPEN 10:00-16:00
CLOSED: Mon&Tue and public holidays
Fee: 100yen/person, if you need to borrow a towel 100yen
About 100m from Tango-Yura(丹後由良) train station
About 5mins walk from Hakurei sake brewery

Monday, 15 April 2013

Bicycle+Boat combination ticket in Amanohashidate(天橋立)

One way by bicycle
(You must return the bike within 2hrs otherwise extra charge will be occur):
From Amanohashidate pier(Amanohashidate kanko-sen noriba天橋立観光船のりば)
    Ichinomiya pier(Ichinomiya kanko-sen noriba一の宮観光船のりば)

Return by boat:
From Ichinomiya pier(Ichinomiya kanko-sen noriba一の宮観光船のりば)
Amanohashidate pier(Amanohashidate kanko-sen noriba天橋立観光船のりば)

800yen/person + deposit 1000yen and you will get back the deposit when you return a bicycle at Ichinomiya pier.

It is NOT possible to do by opposite cycle(boat→bicycle). When it's rain, not possible to borrow the bikes.

Usually, rent a bike for 2hrs : 400yen
The boat fare(one way): 520yen

Please check the boat schedule by click here!

Friday, 12 April 2013

1day pass of KTR(local trains) within Tango region

This 1day pass will be finish selling by 31st March 2014.
The pass is called Ichinichi-furii-kippu(一日フリーきっぷ).
With this pass, you can take all the local trains of KTR as many time as you want in a day. If you would like to take an express train, you must pay extra cost of the express because the pass only covers ordinaly fare of trains.


Where to purchase:
The pass is available at 15 stations of KTR. (Fukuchiyama福知山, Nishimaizuru西舞鶴, Miyazu宮津, Amanohashidate天橋立, Toyooka豊岡 and so on.)

If you are using JR-pass to traveling to Amanohashidate for a day trip from Kyoto for example, it is worth to purchase this pass. Local train will cost 750yen/one way between Fukuchiyama(hab station to change trains between JR line and KTR line) to Amanohashidate, so buying this pass save 300yen than original fare.

INE (boathouse village) tour

 ボンネットバスでめぐる 舟屋のまち伊根
Schedule 2013
25 August / 1,8,15, 16, 22, 23 ,29 September


The fee includes
Bus transfer, Guiding(in Japanese), sightseeing boat in Ine and guiding in the boathouse from Edo period.


Time Schedule of the tour
13:00 Start from Amanohashidate(天橋立) train station
 ↓ transfer to Ine by a Retro bus
13:50 Ine-bay sightseeing by boat (about 25mins)
 ↓ transfer to one of the boathouse by the Retro bus
14:20 Visiting the boathouse with a guide
 ↓ transfer by the Retro bus
15:40 Optional course: making a dried fish mobile-phone accessory(1hr/ 500yen) or fishing by local traditional style(30mins/2500yen, you can bring back fish you caught)
 ↓  transfer by the Retro bus
16:30 The tour END at the Amanohashidate train station

Amanohashidate tourism association(天橋立観光協会)
TEL +81(0)772-22-8030