Thursday, 25 July 2013

INE festival 2013 on 27th(Sat)&28th(Sun) July!

You can see Japanese tradtional festival in INE village while you are walking around in the village.
This festival is also called "Sea Gion festival" because of they have a very beautiful float which built up without nails on the boat. Although this year, this float will be not used. But still enough worth to see especially festival boats on the sea(which is the picture above).
You can see festival: From afternoon on 27th July 2013
                                  From before afternoon on 28th July 2013 
Access: From Amanohashidate station, 50mins by bus.
About details of "How to get to INE village" please look at my another blog pages.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Defune Matsuri festival in Amanohashidate

This is a traditional festival of Chionji-temple.
Lanterns&torch will be lit up and there will be a stage on the sea where you can see play with dragon.
Few fireworks will be held also!

Date: 24th(WED) July 2013
Time: 18:40 to 21:00
Access: about 3mins walk from Amanohashidate train station

Shuttle bus to a panoramic viewspot of Amanohashidate

This is the highest viewpoint of Amanohashidate, 500m above sea level.

Dates:20th&21st&27th&28th July
          3rd&4th&10th&11th&13th-18th&24th&25th August

Route: Kasamatsu park(傘松公園)
    Panoramic viewspot(成相山パノラマ展望所)
    Kasamatsu park(傘松公園)

(include: Admission fee to Nariaiji temple, so you can get off&on at Nariai-ji temple as well)

Amanohashidate summer cruise with motor boat(speed boat)!

Dates:20th&21st&27th&28th July
          3rd&4th&10th&11th&17th&18th&24th&25th August
Depart: 9:30 from Amanohashidate pier(Amanohashidate sanbashi天橋立桟橋)
Duration: 15mins

Kasamatsu Park(viewpoint of Amanohashidate) will be open longer!

Date:20th&27th July
         3rd&10th&13th-17th&24th August
Closing time:19:30 (Usual closing time is 17:30)

For further information of Kasamatsu park, please look at the link below.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Firework festival in Ine!

It is not a big firework festival with lots of fireworks but it is worth to see it!!
Date: 24th(SAT) August 2013
Time: 17:00 - 21:00 (Fireworks will be around 20:15-20:45)
Place: Ine shougakkou mae(伊根小学校前=front of Ine primary school)
Access: From Amanohashidate train station take a bus towards "Kyougamisaki or Kamanyu or Ine"(経ヶ岬・蒲入・伊根) and get off at "Ine"(伊根). About 50mins ride, bus fare 910yen/single. Although there are no buses in the night to coming back.