Sunday, 22 December 2013

From 10th January 2014

You can withdraw cash by Mastercard from ATM of 7-eleven bank again in Japan.
Although, Maestrocard is still suspended even after 10th January 2014.
Anyway, there is no 7-eleven in Tango region so please make sure you have enough cash with you before you start traveling from big cities!!
For further information before I wrote about this, you can read from the following link.

P.S. I am a Maestro card holder which is issued by one of European bank so I will update information again, when my card started working again in ATM of Japan post bank.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Watch the first sunrise of the year!

Except visiting Temple and Shrine, another New Year tradition in Japan is watch the first sunrise of the year! Many people prefer to do this beside sea and it is absolutely possible at Amanohashidate area. (Picture is from 1st Jan 2013 but you can guess I was too lazy to see the sunrise ;) )

Usually, you can take a cable car to go up to Kasamatsu park to see the sunrise. The cable car is run from 6.30 in the morning, only special for the New Year's day!!
Kasamatsu Park will be open on 1st January 2014 from 6:30AM until 16:30.

Would you like to try traditional way of how to welcoming the New Year in Japan?

Locals go to temple to ring a bell to purify from their 108 sins. Also many visit shrine to welcoming the New Year after midnight. If you are in close to Miyazu temple district, you can hear sounds of many bells from around 23:30.

Compared with lots of big cities in Japan, in Miyazu everyone can ring a bell and waiting time is not that much. If you would like to ring a bell, you can visit the listed temple. FREE of charge.

Kyou-ji temple(経王寺): starts 23:30

Nyogan-ji temple(如願寺): starts 23:45

Chigen-ji temple(智源寺):23:00

In Miyazu, Kono-jinjya shrine serves the most number of people visiting for wishing for the New Year. The New Year praying starts from midnight.

Wakinomiya-jinja shrine

Kono-jinja shrine
If you are staying at Amanohashidate Fuchu area(府中地区), Kono-shrine is located. Also I'm not 100% sure but if you would like to try ring a bell in the area, perhaps at Jikou-ji temple(慈光寺) you can try that!

Saturday, 14 December 2013


                                        The picture is taken today's morning(14th Dec 2013).

We got a few snow last night and it melted on the street already but still I could see snow on the roof. Winter is started here!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Tips for a day tripper to Amanohashidate in winter time

If you are visiting Amanohashidate from Kyoto or Osaka as a day trip,
PLEASE make sure you going to arrive at Amanohashidate in the morning or at latest noon. Especially if you are plan to walk though Amanohashidate itself (pine tree forest).
And I don't recommend you to try visiting Amanohashidate&Ine by a day trip from Kyoto or Osaka, that is tooooooooo rush. Due to sunset is earlier and closing time of everything is earlier in winter.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

☆Santa Claus feeds fish! 2013☆

Where? At the biggest water tank of Uocchikan aquarium(魚っ知館)
When? From 23rd November to 23rd December, during this period of weekends, public holidays and 24th Dec. 
Time? 13:15

Please check about further information about the aquarium from the following page.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Nariai-ji temple

The temple is founded in 704. It was located at the top of mountain in the beginning although in 1400, landslide was happened in the mountain and they needed to move down the temple to the location where the temple stands now.
There is also a five storied pagoda which built in 1998, at that time, Japan was experiencing economic bubble so they could spend lots of money to build up this wooden pagoda in such countryside(mountain).
Admission fee:500yen(If you visit by car)
                    400yen(If you take a mountain bus)
This admission fee also give you access to visit the panoramic view point!
Traditionally, this temple is known as a temple of Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage(Totally 33 temples).

Access: 20mins walk from Kasamatsu park or 7mins by mountain bus from Kasamatsu park(Mountain bus:350yen/single). I recommend to take the mountain bus if you are interested to visit the panoramic view point, so you can skip some walk on steep road.

Go up to the panoramic view point, there is a path on the left side of the temple, it took me 30mins to the view point.(Officially, they say it will take 40mins on foot to the view point.) At the viewpoint there is a tiny café, runned by temple, when the weather is nice, they have open-deck area.
                                              (From the panoramic view point)

Sea taxi in INE

If you are interested to get closer look of boat houses in Ine village, I highly recommend you to take a sea taxi instead of sightseeing boat. Although, if you are in hurry or just have a quick view or traveling alone, the sightseeing boat is for you.
The sea taxi can get close to the boat houses compared with the big sightseeing boat and usually the sea taxi owner has own boat house and they can show you inside of their boat house which you can't experience by the sightseeing boat.

To hire a sea taxi, you need to make a phone call which is probably hard task for here is solution....
☆Visit tourist office of INE located in Funayanosato park(舟屋の里公園). Take a bus from Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅) and get off at the park. Bus fare:400yen/single.
At the tourist office they can book the sea taxi for you. Sea taxi is only possible to hire from 2 people and from 1000yen/person.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Pictures from 19th November 2013

It is very difficult to tell how it is beautiful to see coloured mountain with sea.
If you have a chance to visit Amanohashidate now, I recommend you to go up to the panoramic view point(500m above sea level). 
Access: From Nariai-ji temple(成相寺) about 30mins walk(at least for me it took 30mins). 
Five storied pagoda in Nariai-ji temple
                                                       From the panoramic view point
P.S. I didn't retouch the pictures from what I really took ;)

Monday, 11 November 2013

Between 2nd Dec to 6th Dec

The designed trains will be send to periodic check.
So if you are plan to take these trains, please avoid to travel during this period. If you would like to read about the designed train, please check the following link.

Oyster and Fish festival in Kumihama!

The festival name in Japanese is "Kumihama Kaki-sakana matsuri(久美浜 カキ・魚まつり)". If you would like to try winter season's seafood, this is a good oppotunity! They serve grilled oyster which catched in Kumihama bay and soup with crab, those are for free of charge! *Although it doesn't mean you can eat as much as you want.* 

Date: first Sunday in December
Time: 9:00-14:00
From Kumihama station(久美浜駅) or Shotenkyo station(小天橋駅), take a city bus line called "Minatosen(湊線)" and get off at "Minatokobashi(湊小橋)" and walk 10mins.
Bus fare:200yen/single.
Location: Marine Plaza, 1664 Minatomiya Kumihama, Kyotango, Kyoto(京都府京丹後市久美浜町湊宮1664 マリンプラザ)

Sunday, 3 November 2013

From 1st November 2013, a cream colour re-designed train started running officially!

This new train is designed by a famous Japanese industrial designer "Eiji Mitooka". He designed Shinkansen(bullet train) and seven stars(the most luxury excursion train in Japan) and so on.
In Tango region, already two trains designed by him are running from spring 2013, the trains called Akamatsu&Aomatsu.
From the 1st of November Akamatsu is joined to the new cream coloured train(unfortunately, this one has no name :( ). And no extra charge neither, you pay ordinal train fare for this cream one. But Akamatsu you must pay additional 300yen.
Now, Aomatsu running by himself?(herself?) due to Akamatsu and Aomatsu separated from each other from 1st November 2013, which means, every day you have chance to ride them from or to Amanohashidate :)

Please check timetable of the trains on following link!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Crab season!

Crab fishing season will starts from 6th November.
At some places, you can eat freshly caught crab on the day(6th Nov) although it will be depends on the weather.
Many inns will be offer their dinner with crab after 6th November so if you wonder the reason of high charge of accommodation expenses, that's could be the reason until spring.

In Tango region, this season's crab is called "MATSUBA-GANI(松葉がに)". Especially, in Taiza town, their fishing area is very close to the land(up 30km away) which means less transportation time and much fresh than the other port's crabs. So this crab has a special name "TAIZA-GANI(間人がに)" to given this name, crab must caught in Taiza.

BUT "Taiza crab" became too well-known and it costs a lot to taste (around 50000yen/person), and if you know the right place to eat "Matsuba crab", it is not that different quality compared with Taiza crab. Basically, Matsu crab lunch starts from around 20000yen/person.

Anyway, to eat crab, you need reservation before or stay at accommodation which offers crab dinner.
Without reservation, you have almost no chance to eat really fresh crab! So I highly recommend you to book before.

These two restaurants serves good quality crab!
Price starts from 23100yen/person*reservation is only possible from 2people.
                                                    (This picture is 23100yen course)

Price starts from 18900yen/person.


Monday, 28 October 2013

Kimono flea market on 12th&13th November 2016

Tango region is well-known as a place where produce high quality Kimono fabric in Japan. At this flea market, people will sell their Kimono or goods that could be not used or used. This is a good chance for you to find a real Kimono. About 5000 goods will be on sale.

PLACE: Mineyama sougou fukushi centre(峰山総合福祉センター)
ACCESS: 15mins walk from Mineyama station(峰山駅) or take a bus from Mineyama station(峰山駅) or Amino station(網野駅) and get off at "Tango cyuo-byoin-mae(丹後中央病院前)"

A lighthouse in Tango peninsula

Opening day to public.
Date: 29th October 2016
The lighthouse only opens to the public once or few times per year!
TIME: 10:00-15:00
Admission: FREE of charge
ACCESS: From Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅), take a local bus about 1.5hrs and get off at "Kyougamisaki(経ヶ岬)" and walk 30mins to the lighthouse. Bus fare:400yen(oneway)

P.S. With "Gurutan bus(ぐるたんバス)" you can reach to the lighthouse with less walking! (please check my blog for further info about the bus.)

17th anniversary event at the steam train museum and flea market&farmers market

From 1st October 2013, it became easier to get to the museum by bus than before.

On 3rd&4th November 2013, 17th anniversary event will be held at the steam train museum. You can read about the museum on my blog Steam train museum.

The event will be held from 10:00-15:00 on each day.

On 3rd November 2013, flea market&farmers market will be held between 10:00-15:00. FREE shuttle bus is available during the time between the markets locations to the steam train museum.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Visitors from

Probably most of people have seen "" before you getting to Japan to travel.
Recently, a tour organised by passed through Amanohashidate area. I personally guided them to some places and I think they made nice pictures!!
If you have any questions about locations where they visited, send me message!

Monday, 14 October 2013

One of unusual events in Japan held in Miyazu city!

Every year, BABY SUMO event held at Sannouguu-Hiyoshi-jinjya shrine(山王宮日吉神社) on Health and Sports day(one of public holidays in Japan).
This is a traditional lovely event from Edo period to pray the babies would grow up healthily. The babies take sumo match against unseen gods. Approx 250 babies join this event every year from all over Japan.
TIME:10:00~(registration of the babies will be finish by 13:00)

☆From Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅), take a bus and get off at "Sannouguu(山王宮)" and walk 3mins.Bus fare:170yen/single.
☆ You can also cycle to the shrine about 10mins from Amanohashidate station or 30mins on foot.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tango・Amanohashidate・Ine Pass: The smart way to explorer TANGO!

Original cost.....

*This information is made in 2013, since Japan had consumer tax raised in 2014, the price is slightly higher than tables(about 100JPY).

Amanohashidate Sightseeing ticket :1500JPY

If you are visiting Amanohashidate and Nariai-ji temple, you can save some money by buying this ticket.
The ticket is called "Kasamatsu Kanko-ken(傘松観光券).
Even if you are not visiting Nariai-ji temple but you are sure about you don't walk(or bike) through Amanohashidate, you will save 120JPY than original cost compared with paying round trip of "sightseeing boat and cable-car/chairlift"separately.

The ticket is valid 1day.

You can purchase the ticket at the both piers(Amanohashidate天橋立, Ichinomiya一の宮).


**If you like to walk or bicycle Amanohashidate for oneway, there is a ticket for 1100JPY which include single boat ride between Amanohashidate and Ichinomiya pier and round trip of cable car(or chair-lift) at Kasamatsu park. This ticket also give discount for the mountain bus to Nariai-ji temple.
If you visit Nariai-ji Temple, you will save 390JPY than original cost. Even you don't visit the temple, you will save 90JPY than original cost.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Tango Chirimen(silk fabric) history museum with factory shop
The name of the museum: Tango Chirimen Rekishi kan(丹後ちりめん歴史館)

Admission: FREE

OPEN: 9:00-17:00 (365days)

Address: 313 Iwaya, Yosano, Kyoto 629-2314 (629-2314 京都府与謝野町岩屋313)

*From Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅) take a train to Nodagawa station(野田川駅).  Then take a bus about 15mins and get off at Iwaya-kouminkan-mae(岩屋公民館前) and walk a minute. Train fare:240yen/single, Bus fare:200yen/single
*From Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅) take a bus about 12mins and get off at Iwataki(岩滝) then take another bus about 22mins and get off at Iwaya-kouminkan-mae(岩屋公民館前) and walk a minute. Bus fares:200yen/ride

The official website in English.
Well, their website is kind of flashy....

TIPS: If you interested in textile probably worth to visit, if you are not, better to spend your time visiting the other places. And inside of the museum is quite noisy because of sounds of machines although they are not producing anything there anymore. At the factory shop, you can buy some goods made with Chirimen(Kimono) fabric and also other goods made by silk.

Monday, 23 September 2013

*Caution* From 1st October 2013

Bus route, fare and timetable can be change!!
Please ask at the tourist information at Amanohashidate station for the actual bus info.
I will try to update information on this blog in October.
Bus fare will be not increase that I am sure! Bus fare will be cheaper or just stay in what it is now.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Lighting up event in temple district of Miyazu!

About 10000 lanterns will be used to light up the area :) Miyazu is a small town but in this temple district you can find 12 temples from 15th-17th century.

Dates: 11th(Fri)-13th(Sun) October 2013
Time: 18:00-21:00
Access: 10mins walk from Miyazu train station(宮津駅) or 10mins by bike from Amanohashidate train station(天橋立駅)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

"14th Tango Kimono festival" in Amanohashidate
Date: 20th(Sun) October 2013
Time: 10:00-15:30
Access: 5mins walk from Amanohashidate train station

This event need pre-registration but already the period is over. So here I wrote what you can do at the event without registration.
If you are planning to visit Amanohashidate on this day, perhaps just nice to see hundreds of people wearing Kimono in pine tree forest.

*Open-air green tea ceremony in pine tree forest
Time: 10:00-15:20
Fee: 500yen

*Kimono parade
Time: 11:20~

*Kimono fashion show
Time: 14:10-14:40

Some traditional local dance show will be held as well.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Would you like to try fishing in Japan?
You can rent a fishing kit at Ine Tourist Office(伊根町観光協会).
1500yen/per kit (bait is not include in the price)

Access to the Ine Tourist Office:
Take a bus from Amanohashidate station(Bus stop name=Amanohashidate-eki-mae天橋立駅前) and get off at Funaya-no-sato-koen-mae(舟屋の里公園前). Bus fare:950yen/oneway
Takes about 70mins.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

INE festival 2013 on 27th(Sat)&28th(Sun) July!

You can see Japanese tradtional festival in INE village while you are walking around in the village.
This festival is also called "Sea Gion festival" because of they have a very beautiful float which built up without nails on the boat. Although this year, this float will be not used. But still enough worth to see especially festival boats on the sea(which is the picture above).
You can see festival: From afternoon on 27th July 2013
                                  From before afternoon on 28th July 2013 
Access: From Amanohashidate station, 50mins by bus.
About details of "How to get to INE village" please look at my another blog pages.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Defune Matsuri festival in Amanohashidate

This is a traditional festival of Chionji-temple.
Lanterns&torch will be lit up and there will be a stage on the sea where you can see play with dragon.
Few fireworks will be held also!

Date: 24th(WED) July 2013
Time: 18:40 to 21:00
Access: about 3mins walk from Amanohashidate train station

Shuttle bus to a panoramic viewspot of Amanohashidate

This is the highest viewpoint of Amanohashidate, 500m above sea level.

Dates:20th&21st&27th&28th July
          3rd&4th&10th&11th&13th-18th&24th&25th August

Route: Kasamatsu park(傘松公園)
    Panoramic viewspot(成相山パノラマ展望所)
    Kasamatsu park(傘松公園)

(include: Admission fee to Nariaiji temple, so you can get off&on at Nariai-ji temple as well)

Amanohashidate summer cruise with motor boat(speed boat)!

Dates:20th&21st&27th&28th July
          3rd&4th&10th&11th&17th&18th&24th&25th August
Depart: 9:30 from Amanohashidate pier(Amanohashidate sanbashi天橋立桟橋)
Duration: 15mins

Kasamatsu Park(viewpoint of Amanohashidate) will be open longer!

Date:20th&27th July
         3rd&10th&13th-17th&24th August
Closing time:19:30 (Usual closing time is 17:30)

For further information of Kasamatsu park, please look at the link below.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Firework festival in Ine!

It is not a big firework festival with lots of fireworks but it is worth to see it!!
Date: 24th(SAT) August 2013
Time: 17:00 - 21:00 (Fireworks will be around 20:15-20:45)
Place: Ine shougakkou mae(伊根小学校前=front of Ine primary school)
Access: From Amanohashidate train station take a bus towards "Kyougamisaki or Kamanyu or Ine"(経ヶ岬・蒲入・伊根) and get off at "Ine"(伊根). About 50mins ride, bus fare 910yen/single. Although there are no buses in the night to coming back.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hydrangea is full blooming in Amanohashidate area!

(Pictures from 28th June 2013)
This area is not in Amanohashidate itself(sand bar). You can find this area in the cycling path from Amanohashidate towards Miyazu. There are not that many hydrangea but still nice to see them with pine trees and sea ;)
Access: about 15mins walk from Amanohashidate train station or 5mins by bicycle.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

On 1st&2nd July 2013, the official start of the sea-bathing season!

Still it will be not a peak season of swimming so facility on the beach can be not well-prepared or not available. Although you can avoid a crowd of people ;)
On 1st July 2013 at Amanohashidate beach. You can check further info on the following link.

On 2nd July 2013 at Tango-yura beach. You can check further info on the following link.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sumo match in Ayabe city in Autumn!

This is not a tournament(which usually last 2weeks everyday) and only one day special sumo match by proffessional sumo wrestlers!
Date: 21st October 2013
Place: Ayabe-shi sougou undou kouen taiikukan(綾部市総合運動公園体育館)
Ticket: 5000yen-10000yen/person (depends on the seat, I called them(on 21st June 2013) and about 20-30% of seats are left but most expensive class seats(over 10000yen) are already sold out!)
The ticket include lunch(Bento box style) plus original cushion.
You can purchase the ticket at Ayabe tourist information which located opposite side of Ayabe train station(綾部駅).
FREE shuttle bus is available from Umezako station (梅迫駅) on the match day!
The shuttle bus run from Umezako station between 7:30 to 10:50. From The match place 15:20-16:00. 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Amanohashidate&Miyazu Bay Tour

This is the special sightseeing boat tour only for summer!!
You can enjoy Amanohashidate from the sea also this boat trip is the longest boat trip so you have time to relax. Seats&toilet are available on the bottom level which is inside and if you prefer to stay in outside, there are no seats but lots of space available on the top level.

Duration: 45mins
Time: depart 16:45 return 17:30
Date 2013: 15th&16th June + every Saturday of July&August
Fee: 500yen/person
Ticket office will be open from 16:00.
Departure&return point: Miyazu pier(Miyazu-sanbashi宮津桟橋)
Access: From Miyazu train station about 10mins walk. From Amanohashidate train station about 30mins walk. You can also take a bus from Amanohashidate train station.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Got a problem to withdraw money from ATM in Japan?

Since 19th April 2013, credit cards or bank cards issued by Mastercard brands are not possible to withdraw money from ATM in Japan.
This case only applied to the cards issued outside of Asia/Pacific region + the Netherlands+Canada.

I personally experienced this situation a couple of days before. So just be prepared to have a VISA card for example, to avoid this situation!

Futher information you can read by the follwing links. Unfortunately, there is no exact date when they will solve this issue.

Monday, 3 June 2013

FREE footbath(In Japanese "ashiyu=足湯") in Amanohashidate!

OPEN: between 12-16(except WED&bad weather days,maintenance days).
Location: Next to Amanohashidate train station(天橋立駅).

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Firework festival in Miyazu!
Date: 16th(FRI) August 2013
Time: 19:30-20:30
Place:Shimasaki park(島崎公園)

This is the biggest event of the year in Miyazu.
Floating lanterns, boats and reflexion of the fireworks on the sea!
Usually people sit down in the park along Miyazu bay to watch the fireworks. Although you can see it from many different places in the city, if you prefer less crowded places.

Access: 10mins walk from Miyazu train station(宮津駅)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

"Umi-no-Kyoto passport(海の京都パスポート)"

At the tourist information centre at Amanohashidate train station(天橋立駅), you can get a FREE booklet called "Umi-no-Kyoto passport(海の京都パスポート)" that offers you discounts of tourist attractions(such as hot springs, sightseeing boat)  in seaside of Kyoto!
To get the booklet, you need to ask the staff in the tourist office because it is not displayed on self-service shelf. English description available for the discount coupons.

Seashore false bindweed (Calystegia soldanella=Hamahirugaoハマヒルガオ) is started blooming in Amanohashidate!

                                                     (The picture took on 21st May 2013)

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Lookout spots of Amanohashidate!

You can see the location of the all three lookout spots on this Map!!
Further information of the each spots, please click the following link.

1. Kasamatsu Park (傘松公園) MUST SEE!
The traditional view of Amanohashidate "bridge to the heaven"

2. Amanohashidate Sessyu lookout spot (天橋立雪舟観展望休憩所)

3 Ouchi-touge ichiji-kan park (大内峠一字観公園)
***This look out point is also nice although you need a bit effort to reach.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Japanese Rose (In Japanese, Hamanasuはまなす) started blooming in Amanohashidate!!

(The pictures from 7th May 2013)
It is a species of rose native to eastern Asia.
They bloom on the beach of Amanohashidate. You will see the sign "Hamanasu-gunseichiはまなす群生地" after you crossed the first bridge from Amanohashidate station side.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Tourist Information Centre in Amanohashidate train station(天橋立駅)

OPEN 9:00-18:00(everyday)

The staff can indicate/answer easy English questions.

At the tourist information, you can get maps, brochures of not only Amanohashidate, you can also get information of surrounding area(Tango region).
They can also help you to call your accommodation, if you booked accommodation where offers free pick up service.
Also some tickets are possible to buy, for example, express bus ticket to Kyoto or Osaka.....

Sunday, 28 April 2013

From 27th April to 6th May 2013

These days are called "Golden week" in Japan.
This means one of the biggest holiday period in Japan.
Due to that fact, can be crowded with tourists everywhere.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Guest House on the hill(in the nature) with ocean view

This guest house is re-open on 27th April 2013!
The guest house located inside of a park called "Umi-to-hoshi-no-mieru-oka-kouen"(海と星の見える丘公園) Literary means "the park on the hill, at there you can see sea and stars". While you are staying, you can use 150cm astronomical telescope by FREE of charge.

Capacity: 40 people
Dormitory room (4-8people)
There are western style rooms and Japanese style rooms.
Price: 3500yen/person per night, University student 2500yen/person per night
Meals: Breakfast 600yen, Lunch 800yen, Dinner 2000yen
You must make a reservation at least 7days ahead of your stay.

Contact: or +81 772 28 9111

Address: Satohami, Miyazu, Kyoto 626-0211(〒626-0211京都府宮津市里波見)

From Amanohashidate train station(天橋立駅) take a bus(Ine/Kamanyu/Kyougamisaki line伊根・蒲入・経ヶ岬線) about 40mins towards Ine or Kamanyu or Kyougamisaki (伊根 or 蒲入 or 経ヶ岬). Get off at "Hamiguchi(波見口)". About 30mins(2km) walk from the bus stop. Bus fare 400yen/single. If you are going to stay overnight, they have pick up service available from the bus stop, please ask for further information when you booking with them.
Website(only available in Japanese):Umihoshi

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Foot bath / Ashiyu(足湯)

OPEN 10:00-16:00
CLOSED: Mon&Tue and public holidays
Fee: 100yen/person, if you need to borrow a towel 100yen
About 100m from Tango-Yura(丹後由良) train station
About 5mins walk from Hakurei sake brewery

Monday, 15 April 2013

Bicycle+Boat combination ticket in Amanohashidate(天橋立)

One way by bicycle
(You must return the bike within 2hrs otherwise extra charge will be occur):
From Amanohashidate pier(Amanohashidate kanko-sen noriba天橋立観光船のりば)
    Ichinomiya pier(Ichinomiya kanko-sen noriba一の宮観光船のりば)

Return by boat:
From Ichinomiya pier(Ichinomiya kanko-sen noriba一の宮観光船のりば)
Amanohashidate pier(Amanohashidate kanko-sen noriba天橋立観光船のりば)

800yen/person + deposit 1000yen and you will get back the deposit when you return a bicycle at Ichinomiya pier.

It is NOT possible to do by opposite cycle(boat→bicycle). When it's rain, not possible to borrow the bikes.

Usually, rent a bike for 2hrs : 400yen
The boat fare(one way): 520yen

Please check the boat schedule by click here!

Friday, 12 April 2013

1day pass of KTR(local trains) within Tango region

This 1day pass will be finish selling by 31st March 2014.
The pass is called Ichinichi-furii-kippu(一日フリーきっぷ).
With this pass, you can take all the local trains of KTR as many time as you want in a day. If you would like to take an express train, you must pay extra cost of the express because the pass only covers ordinaly fare of trains.


Where to purchase:
The pass is available at 15 stations of KTR. (Fukuchiyama福知山, Nishimaizuru西舞鶴, Miyazu宮津, Amanohashidate天橋立, Toyooka豊岡 and so on.)

If you are using JR-pass to traveling to Amanohashidate for a day trip from Kyoto for example, it is worth to purchase this pass. Local train will cost 750yen/one way between Fukuchiyama(hab station to change trains between JR line and KTR line) to Amanohashidate, so buying this pass save 300yen than original fare.

INE (boathouse village) tour

 ボンネットバスでめぐる 舟屋のまち伊根
Schedule 2013
25 August / 1,8,15, 16, 22, 23 ,29 September


The fee includes
Bus transfer, Guiding(in Japanese), sightseeing boat in Ine and guiding in the boathouse from Edo period.


Time Schedule of the tour
13:00 Start from Amanohashidate(天橋立) train station
 ↓ transfer to Ine by a Retro bus
13:50 Ine-bay sightseeing by boat (about 25mins)
 ↓ transfer to one of the boathouse by the Retro bus
14:20 Visiting the boathouse with a guide
 ↓ transfer by the Retro bus
15:40 Optional course: making a dried fish mobile-phone accessory(1hr/ 500yen) or fishing by local traditional style(30mins/2500yen, you can bring back fish you caught)
 ↓  transfer by the Retro bus
16:30 The tour END at the Amanohashidate train station

Amanohashidate tourism association(天橋立観光協会)
TEL +81(0)772-22-8030

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Are you visiting Amanohashidate(天橋立)?

Until 20th April 2013, the tourist office at Amanohashidate train station is doing a survey of international tourists and it takes you only few minutes to fill in the form and you can get a FREE T-shirt of Amanohashidate :)
The tourist office is OPEN 9:00-18:00 every day.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Japanese(Kaiseki&Sushi) restaurant

This restaurant serves reasonable price Kaiseki&Sushi. All the dishes are freshly made at the restaurant. No pre-made dishes.

Open 11:00-14:00, 17:00-21:00
Closed: every Tuesday&2nd Monday of every month(when public holiday on Tuesday, they close on Wed instead of Tue)
Address:146 Amino, Amino, Kyotango, Kyoto(京都府京丹後市網野町網野146)
Access: 12mins(1km) walk from Amino(網野) train station

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Camping site 7mins walk from Amanohashidate
Name of the camping site:

OPEN: April to November

Capacity: 60 tents

Facility: hot shower, toilet, small kitchen space

Price(per night):1500yen/person

Booking is NOT possible. NO rental camp equipments at the site.


ADDRESS:542 Monju, Miyazu, Kyoto(京都府宮津市文珠542) Click the address for the MAP!

ACCESS:7mins walk from Amanohashidate(天橋立) train station

FREE wifi spot!!

You need to register your device before you leave your home!
Please click here and you will see how to register and wifi spots map of all over Japan in English!

Perhaps you will use at least one of train station while you are visiting Tango, both of them are FREE wifi spot!!
*Amanohashidate train station(天橋立駅)
*Miyazu train station(宮津駅)

Youth Hostel - Hashiudosou(はしうど荘)

This youth hostel has hot spring with nice view of ocean! + 1 min to the beach!!
Price(per night):
(YH member) 3960yen/person, (Non-YH member) 3360yen/person
Admission fee to the hot spring 150yen/person for the over-night staying guests.
Reservation is necessary for the meals! Breakfast:760yen/person Dinner:1260yen/person

Location&Access: Please click here!

The official website(in Japanese).

Castle in Fukuchiyama

"Fukuchiyama-jo(福知山城)"= Fukuchiyama castle's  history dates to 1579.
The castle you can see now is rebuilt in 1986 by the donation from Fukuchiyama city citizen.
9:00-17:00(last admission 16:30)

every TUE(when TUE is public holiday they close on WED), 28th-31st Dec, 4th-6th Jan


15mins walk from Fukuchiyama(福知山) train station

Would you like to stay longer in seaside of Kyoto?

Amanohashidate Youth hostel requires Volounteer worker while holiday period in Japan. (Spring, Summer and Winter)
There is FREE accommodation&food in exchange for work. The work includes cleaning and meal preparation.
They have experience to accept international volounteer workers in the past, for example from Germany, Finland, Belgium, Russia.....
If you are interested, please contact them directly by email!

Monday, 11 March 2013

150 thousand(150000) Sunflowers in a field!!

Dates 2013: 3rd(Sat) August - 6th August

Admission fee 2013: 200yen/person

Address: Located the north of Refre-kayanosato(リフレかやの里)
1730 Kanaya, Yosano, Yosa, Kyoto

Access: Please check the page of Refre-kayanosato(リフレかやの里) 

Kumano Sake brewery(熊野酒造)

This brewery has been honoured by a number of awards.
If you make a reservation a tour and tasting is possible.

Address :
45-1, Kumihama, Kyotango, Kyoto 京都府京丹後市久美浜町45-1
Access :
10mins(1km) walk from "Kumihama(久美浜)" train station..
Fee :
Official website in Japanese

Friday, 8 March 2013

From 16th March 2013

Local bus time schedules and some of bus stops name will be change!!
So if you are going to use old guide books or information, please be careful!

1.5km long beach in Tango-Yura
The beach is called "Tango-Yura-kaisui-yokujo丹後由良海水浴場". The water is clear and gentle waves on the beach.
Facility(Available to use during peak season):
Shower, changing room, toilets, shop for snacks&drinks and First-Aid office.
Yura, Miyazu, Kyoto(京都府宮津市由良) Click here for MAP!
10mins(650m) walk from Tango-Yura(丹後由良) train station

Swim in the Wakasa-wan Quasi National park!!

This beach is called "Kanzaki-kaisui-yokujo神崎海水浴場". Located in the Quasi national park, 2km long shallow beach and pine-forest. The biggest beach in Maizuru(舞鶴) city.

Facility(Available during peak season):
Shower, Toilets, Changing room, Shop for snacks&drinks and First-Aid office
Kanzakihama, Maizuru, Kyoto京都府舞鶴市神崎浜 Click here for MAP!
10mins walk from Tango-Kanzaki(丹後神崎) train station

Enjoy swim in one of the three most beautiful view spots in Japan, Amanohashidate!

The beach called "Amanohashidate-kaisui-yokujo天橋立海水浴場".
Facility:(Available during the peak season, around mid-July until mid-Aug. )
Shower, Toilets, Changing room, Shop for snacks&drinks and First-Aid office
Monju, Miyazu, Kyoto京都府宮津市文殊 Click here for MAP!
7mins walk from Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅)