Tuesday, 15 April 2014


If you are plan to buy "Kyoto Sea Area Pass", I recommend you to bring or take a picture of the brochure of the pass which I uploaded on this blog.
I met a Dutch boy today who took a train to visit Amanohashidate with JR Pass and he got no advise or no info about the Kyoto Sea Area Pass on the train and train conductor just asked him to pay extra fare of KTR line after Fukuchiyama. Although he saw a poster at Fukuchiyama station but he didn't knew of how good deal for him.
I think this means train staff don't suggest you about Kyoto Sea Area Pass, you need to tell them by yourself if you want to buy the pass. The train company recruited many new staff this spring although seems no improvement of speaking or contacting in English :(

Thursday, 3 April 2014

2nd cherry blossom report 2014!

Cherry blossom in some area is already full blooming. The pictures are taken on 2nd April 2014 at on the way to Miyazu junior high school and Takigami park.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Shuttle bus to the panoramic view spot during spring 2014!

(April): 6th(Sun),13th(Sun),20th(Sun),26th(Sat),27th(Sun),29th(Public holiday)
(May): 3rd(Sat),4th(Sun),5th(Public holiday),6th(Public holiday),11th(Sun),18th(Sun),25th(Sun)
*Black days run twice a day, Red days run 4 times a day. Please check the following timetable.

Black daysRoute(経路)Red days
11:3013:30DEP: Kasamatsu Park (傘松 発)10:0011:3013:3014:30
11:3713:37ARR: Nariai-ji temple (成相寺 着)10:0711:3713:3714:37
11:3913:39DEP: Nariai-ji temple (成相寺 発)10:0911:3913:3914:39
11:4513:45ARR: Panoramic view point (パノラマ展望所 着)10:1511:4513:4514:45
12:0014:00DEP: Panoramic view point (パノラマ展望所 発)10:3012:0014:0015:00
12:0614:06ARR: Nariai-ji temple (成相寺 着)10:3612:0614:0615:06
12:0814:08DEP: Nariai-ji temple (成相寺 発)10:3812:0814:0815:08
12:1514:15ARR: Kasamatsu Park (傘松 着)10:4512:1514:1514:15

Fare:1500yen/person(Adult), the fare include admission fee to Nariai-ji temple. So you can visit Nariai-ji temple as well and can get on and get off at Nariai-ji temple.

I think this is the best way and easiest way to get to the panoramic view point. Originally, to visit Nariai-ji temple by bus is cost 1100yen(include the admission fee), so it's mean you only pay 400yen extra to visiting the panoramic view point by bus.

Of course, if you have time and have enough energy to walk up all the way to the panoramic view point, that's the cheapest way! From Kasamatsu Park walk 20mins to Nariai-ji temple then pay admission fee of the temple for 300yen/person then next to the temple, there is a way to go up to the panoramic view point for about 30mins walk.