Friday, 25 January 2013

Organically produced vinegars from iiojozo(飯尾醸造)

120 years of history of making vinegar and already 50 years since when they started to make organically produced vinegar.
Their homepage in Japanese.
You can also look PDF file info by clicking here.
(They produce vinegar not only from rice: apple, black beans,fig, purple sweet potato and pomegrante.)

There is a possibility to visit the brewery. A lady who can speak English is in the brewery so if you prefer to do a brewery tour in English, better to contact them before you visit.
If you are visiting by more than 5 people, recommendable to call them before!
And if you are more than 10 people, please make a reservation.

Opening hours
Weekdays&Saturday 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00
Closed on Sunday&Public holidays

Duration of brewery tour: about 30mins
After the tour, if you wish, you can purchase their products by 10% off from the original price. You can't get this discount nowhere in Japan except this place.

When you make a reservation, please write "蔵見学申し込み(this means apply to brewery tour)" and number of people and when you are visiting.
Fax: 0772-25-1414

Address: Odashukuno, 373, Miyazu, Kyoto, Japan (京都府宮津市小田宿野373)

☆From Miyazu(宮津) train station about 10mins by taxi.
☆From Miyazu station by bicycle about 45mins.
☆If you walk from Kunda station(栗田駅) about 35mins, 3km.
☆From Kunda station(栗田駅) you can take a bus line called Shimakage-Shingu sen(島陰・新宮線) and get off at Koukaido-mae(公会堂前) or tell the driver you want to visit iiojozo(飯尾醸造).
The bus is only three times a day to get there.
Depart from Kunda station 9:44/14:56/16:05, about 15mins ride.
From the bus stop about 200m. From the main road where you get off the bus, firstly go straight (the pink line on the map) then turn right twice to get to the entrance.