Monday, 26 December 2016

Spending the first day of the year in Tango?

Except visiting Temple and Shrine, another traditional New Year custom in Japan is watch the first sunrise of the year! Many people prefer to do this beside sea, if you are plan to be here, why not try out?

You can take a cable car to go up to Kasamatsu park to see the sunrise. The cable car is run from 6:30 in the morning, the park is open from such time for only the New Year's day!!
Kasamatsu Park will be open on 1st January 2017 from 6:30AM until 16:30. At the Kasamatsu park, some snacks and drinks are available from the opening.

*On 31st December, if you are interested, try this! Thankfully, nothing I need to change this info since 2013 because traditional event is every year same, should be the same.

1 million LED lights illumination in Tango

Christmas is over although still nice to see illumination in short daylight time of the year!  If you are staying in Tango region and close to train station, why not take a train and continue by free shuttle(for further info please see below) for a night out in fancy? romantic? illumination :) FREE admission.

Date: everyday(except Tuesdays), until 14th March 2016
Time: 16:00-21:00
Admission: FREE
Place: Tango Kingdom(Tango-Okoku/Shoku-no-miyako(丹後王国「食のみやこ」)

☆From Amino station, take a bus bound for "Yasaka-byoin-mae(弥栄病院前)" and get off at "Tango-Okoku/Shoku-no-miyako(丹後王国「食のみやこ」)".
Bus fare: 200JPY/person, about 30mins ride
Bus timetable from Amino station depart at 9:19/11:26/12:16/14:21/15:30/18:18
Bus time table from Tango-Okoku/Shoku-no-miyako at 9:51/10:39/12:43/13:21/16:31
The last bus depart from Tango Kingdom is 16:31 which means you need to leave before it's get completely dark. If you prefer to stay longer, you can ask for a taxi to Mineyama station which is the closest station. About 10mins drive and cost about 2500JPY.
☆On weekends and public holidays, there is FREE shuttle is running from Mineyama station and Amino station.
Free shuttle timetable:

Tango Kingdom area is 34 hectare(comparison example: Tokyo Disney Land is 51 hectare), if you are interested to discover the entire area make sure you have enough time.

You can stay at this place as well, the accommodation is renovated in April 2015 so it is pretty new:D Also they are not expensive even private bathroom available in each rooms. I recommend to book with breakfast. There are some restaurants available for dinner, I think best to arrive before 17:00 cause information counter at Tango Kingdom is closed at 17:00.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

From 15th Dec. 2016

Some of local bus timetables will be change.
Please check the current bus timetable on the spot.
*Miyazu area, Amanohashidate area and Ine area has no change.

Friday, 25 November 2016

For snow seekers.....

Are you planning to visit Hokkaido or Japanese Alps(around Nagano) for winter sports? Although prefer to be in a place which is not crowded by international tourists? Then perhaps, you can consider our region as option. There is a certain area on mountain side in Tango region where has 2-3 metres snow every winter. The area is not for skiing nor snowboarding.,h_326,al_c,q_90,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/e1dada_7d30fb3aec104bbfaf223ac43e99eae7.webp

The area is for snowmobile!! 
This activity is fit from absolute beginner to who has experience(reservation necessary).
- For absolute beginner, instructor will be drive for you and the course is 1.5 km long.
- Beginner course who wants to drive by oneself. You will get an instruction first and you can drive by yourself after that.
5000JPY/person include petrol
- Intermediate course who drove more than 2hrs at beginner course and who love to try bigger snowmobile.
6000JPY/person include petrol,h_326,al_c,q_90,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/e1dada_7f2bd0ba6d6642189e39bd2542bc158d.webp
For enojying this activity, the best is stay over night at the mountain lodge or cabin.
Adult 6900JPY/person include 2 meals, Child(5-15yrs) 5800JPY/person include 2meals
They offer their accommodation on airbnb as well as their own website.
When you making reservation please make sure to book pick up service from their closest bus stop as well and ask them exact timetable of the bus.
From Miyazu station, take a bus toward "Ukawa-onsen-yoshino-no-sato(宇川温泉よし野の里) or Kyogamisaki(経ケ岬) or Kamanyu(蒲入)"and get off at Hioki(日置) then meet up your pick up service. Bus fare 400JPY/person, duration about 45mins.
There is a bus which arrive at the accommodation directly but it only runs once in a day and the bus is not departing from stations so..... 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Winter candle illumination in Miyazu

Date: 26th Nov.- 25th Dec.
Time: 17:00-20:00

This event is called "inori", is suddenly popped up, so there is no pictures I can provide you nor no information what is looks like......what I can say now is, the street which is across the Ote-gawa river from Miyazu Catholic church will be illuminated by candles, that's it. If you have some time left for taking your train from Miyazu station or staying in Miyazu downtown, then you can visit this event in the early evening(outside is already dark enough in this season). 
A few food stalls are available(only on 26th Nov.).

about 5mins walk from Miyazu station(walk straight down until first traffic lights and turn left and walk along the river). 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Autumn leaves in Miyazu

Pictures are taken at Takigami park, on 17th Nov. 2016, the weather was cloudy and some rains. 
Basically no tourists in this park and even locals are not really noticed about this beauty, so do I until today for this year. If you have some time to spend not only touristic spots, then I can recommend to visit this park. The park also have playground equipment. Better to visit during daylight to avoid meeting wild animals!!

about 15mins walk from Miyazu station or about 10mins from Amanohashidate station by bicycle.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Autumn leaves in Amanohashidate

One of the best season to visit Nariai-ji temple now. Visit the temple in the middle of mountain in Amanohashidate, autumn leaves are beautiful at the moment.
If you are interested to visit to the temple, make sure you have enough time, arriving at 15:00 is too late if you are not rushed traveller. 

If you purchase one of following ticket or pass, you can get discount on mountain bus by showing the valid ticket or pass.
*Amanohashidate sightseeing ticket 1500JPY or 1100JPY
*Tango-Amanohashidate-Ine Pass 2460JPY

If you hold the ticket below, mountain bus is covered by the pass. You just need to pay admission fee to the temple on the spot.
*Amanohashidate Supreme pass 1day(3090JPY) or 2days(4430JPY)

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Japanese style inn(ryokan) in Taiza

The inn is owned by a lady who is enthusiastic host to welcome tourists. She even hold a license to bid at the fish auction in the area.
They have an open-air hot spring(Onsen) in the inn. If you are big eater who likes seafood(fish), I highly recommend this one. Fish in Tango region is known for good quality so it is favored in Tsukiji market in Tokyo, as well. The dinner is really worth for the price.
For further information and book in English, please visit their official website link below;

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Tips for a day tripper to Amanohashidate in autumn&winter

If you are visiting Amanohashidate from Kyoto or Osaka as a day trip,
PLEASE make sure you are going to arrive at Amanohashidate in the morning or at latest in noon. Especially if you are plan to walk through Amanohashidate itself (pine tree forest).
And I don't recommend you to try visiting both Amanohashidate&Ine by a day trip from Kyoto or Osaka, that is tooooooooo rush. Due to sunset is earlier and closing time of everything is earlier in winter.
Sunset is around 16:45-17:00. Many shops or restaurants start closing around 15:00-16:00.

ALTHOUGH, I really love view of sunset from Kasamatsu park in autumn, romantic and calm down atmosphere. Of course, the day view is must see thing(bridge to heaven) in here so if you are staying overnight in Tango region, I highly recommend to visit Kasamatsu park twice, once for a day and another for before sunset. If you are visiting for the sunset, make sure wear warm clothes. The last cable car to go down from Kasamatsu park is at 17:00(in November) which means the park close by 17:00, don't miss it! 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tango Free private guided tour in October 2016

Available date:
20th(Thu), 24th(Mon), 29th(Sat)

Price: Donation to keep update my blog, whatever you feel is fair.

Available meeting point:
Miyazu station or within Miyazu downtown or Amanohashidate station

Tour languages:

The tour can be a half day or a full day, depends on your preference.
I will plan route by your request, your group cannot be bigger than 6 people.
The tour route cannot exceed area of Tango region.
Please apply by email at latest 17:00(Japan time) of the day before of the tour.
**If you need to cancel the tour, please cancel by email at latest 17:00(Japan time) of the day before of the tour.

Please include following information in the email:
1. Name of all the guests
2. Your email address
3. Your nationality
4. Requested date and time(most of sightseeing places start closing or closed around 15:00-16:00)
5. Meeting point(can be your accommodation)
6. Destination or sightseeing spots which you are interested

30th October 2016

Local gourmet competition will be held in Miyazu. The title of event is called "Gurume-gassen(グルメ合戦)". About 20 different food stalls will be expected to sell local foods. Each food costs around 100JPY to 500JPY. After eating, you vote for the food stall which you liked.
Time: 9:00-15:00
Location: Area around ”Michi-no-eki Umi-no-Kyoto(道の駅 海の京都)”
From Miyazu station walk about 10mins.
From Amanohashidate station, take a bus toward Kamimiyazu(上宮津) and get off at Kisenba-minato-kan(キセンバ港館) and walk about 1min. Bus fare(single) 200JPY/person.

Experience local food and products in Miyazu

Date: 22nd&23rd October 2016
Time: 10:00-17:00(22nd), 10:00-16:00(23rd)
The market is called "Tango-no-eemon-umaimon(丹後のええもん・うまいもん), Tango good goods". This market is good for if you are interested to discover local food and local craft :)
Location: Miyazu City Gym(Miyazu-shimin-taiikukan宮津市民体育館)
From Miyazu station walk about 10mins.
From Amanohashidate station, take a bus toward Kamimiyazu(上宮津) and get off at Kisenba-minato-kan(キセンバ港館) and walk about 1min. Bus fare(single) 200JPY/person.

Tatami mat floor train???
Interested to ride on a train which you can only see in Japan? 
It is called Ozashiki-ressha(お座敷列車) in Japanese, the train has tatami-mat floor and take off your shoes when you ride on. This train runs only seasonally, on the timetable, it is written Akamatsu#1 and #2. 
everyday(except 27th Nov.) until 30th Nov. 2016

YELLOW means stations connect to JR.


Fare: To ride on this train, you need to pay 310JPY/person extra, addition to the ordinal train fare.

Miyazu Flea market&Farmer's(fisherman) market
Date: 27th Novemeber 2016
Time: 10:00-14:00
The market is called "Miyazu Eemon-ichi(宮津ええもん市)". Food stalls are available. This market is good for if you are interested to discover local food :) Some popular products are sold out within 30mins after the opening.
Location: Miyazu City Gym(Miyazu-shimin-taiikukan宮津市民体育館)
From Miyazu station walk about 10mins.
From Amanohashidate station, take a bus toward Kamimiyazu(上宮津) and get off at Kisenba-minato-kan(キセンバ港館) and walk about 1min. Bus fare(single) 200JPY/person.

ONI(Japanese demon) festival

Date: 30th October 2016
Time: 10:00-15:00
Access: The festival held at two different area.
Main area is located around Oe station(大江駅). To get to sub area, take a bus from Oe station about 30mins and get off at "Oe-yama-no-ie(大江山の家)". Bus fare(single)=200JPY/person.

What I recommend the most about this is not the event itself(well of course you can visit the event if you are interested), this day is the easiest to get to the area where you can enjoy autumn leaves in Mt.Oe. From the sub area of the festival, about 10mins walk and you can visit the suspension bridge which in the picture above(look for the sign, Futasegawa-keiryu, 二瀬川渓流). Around the bridge, there is an easy trekking route which takes about 1hr.
**In the mountain, there are many wild animals are living so I don't recommend you travel alone and please tell your accommodation staff where you are going and please say hello to everyone who you meet at there(this is unspoken rule in mountain in Japan, to avoid nobody knows about where you gone, in case of emergency).
If you are visiting not on this day, you can see autumn leaves usually around end of October to end of November. Please get off the bus at Onigachaya(鬼ヶ茶屋) and walk about 5mins for the suspension bridge. Also turn on radio loudly to avoid meeting bear.

Shuttle bus timetable from Oe station to Oe-yama-no-ie(only available on 30th Oct. 2016)
Shuttle bus timetable from Oe-yama-no-ie to Oe station(only available on 30th Oct. 2016)

Bus timetable from Oe station to Onigachaya(鬼ヶ茶屋) for year-round
Bus timetable from Onigachaya(鬼ヶ茶屋) to Oe station for year-round

Monday, 17 October 2016

23rd October 2016

Time: 10:00-14:00
Ine-no-umyaa-mon Matsuri(伊根のうみゃーもん祭) = Farmer(Fisherman)'s market will be held in Ine. The market will be held at around Ine Town council. From there you can also walk to Hide pier where is departure point for sightseeing boat of Ine.
Access: From Miyazu station or Amanohashidate station, take a bus to Ine and get off at "Ine Shinryojo(伊根診療所)". Bus fare(oneway): 400JPY/person

Illuminated event at Nariai-ji Temple

5th&6th Nov. 2016
from sunset to 21:00

I highly recommended this event to enjoy autumn leaves in Tango region :) The temple located in a mountain so please prepare warm clothe. Please note, the last public bus from "Amanohashidate keburu-shita(the closest bus stop to the cable car)" to Amanohashidate station depart at 18:51. So if you are not staying around Fuchu area(Kasamatsu park side of Amanohashidate), perhaps you can rent a bicycle at your accommodation.
Some food stalls are available at the temple area.

Only these two days, cable car and mountain bus is running in the night. Take the cable car to Kasamatsu park and change to mountain bus to Nariai-ji Temple.

From Kinosaki Onsen to Tango region

Are you going to stay at Kinosaki Onsen?
Why not visit Tango region before you trip back to big cities!
Direct train available between Kinosaki Onsen and Kumihama.

On weekends and public holidays (until 29th Nov. 2016.)

From Kinosaki Onsen to Kumihama

From Kumihama to Kinosaki Onsen

Sunday, 2 October 2016

From 1st October 2016

Timetable of trains(KTR) is changed. If you are searching train timetable on the internet(using hyperdia or google map and so on), perhaps it is not relevant at the moment.
So I recommend you to check on the spot.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Baby Sumo on 10th October 2016

Would you like to see cute babies dressed in sumo wrestler costume?

Details about the festival, please read another page of my blog.

It is free to see the event, although if you like to register your baby or grandchild to the event, it cost 5000JPY per child. The cost covers costume and all preparation. **The limit of age is up to 2 years old.
TIME:10:00~(registration of the babies will be finish by 13:00)

☆From Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅) or Miyazu station(宮津駅), take a bus and get off at "Sannouguu(山王宮)" and walk 3mins toward mountain side(you will see stairs). Bus fare:200yen/single.
☆ You can also cycle to the shrine about 10mins from Amanohashidate station or 30mins on foot. From Miyazu station about 5mins by bicycle or 15mins on foot.

Fireworks festival in Amanohashidate on 30th Oct. 2016

In whole Japan, it is usual to held firework festival in summer, so if you had no chance to see in summer time, why not visit here? Compared with summer, autumn has clear air(not humid) so in fact fireworks looks more beautiful :)
About 2000 fireworks will be used at this festival, also food stands are available.
(I think this video was taken from Kasamatsu Park)
Date: 30th October 2016
Time: Fireworks start at around 19:30
Access: From Amanohashidate station, walk through Amanohashidate about 40mins or 20mins by bicycle. Or you can take a boat from Amanohashidate pier(about 5mins walk from Amanohashidate station) to Ichinomiya pier.
Also from Miyazu downtown area, you can take a boat from Miyazu pier to Ichinomiya pier.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Illuminated event in Miyazu

The event is called "Yawarabi"(和火)Yawarabi. The event is going to use about 10000 lights made by locals. Food stalls are available in the event area. If you are plan to stay overnight in Miyazu or Amanohashidate during the event, I recommend to enjoy the atmosphere of Japanese local events.
Date: 7th-9th October 2016
Time:18:00-21:00(18:00-22:00 on 8th)
Access:Walk about 10mins from Miyazu station or about 10mins ride by bicycle from Amanohashidate station.
**You can see illumination already from Miyazu station although to the main area of the event, it takes about 10mins which I wrote on above.

From 1st November 2016

No longer Amanohashidate Pass, Ine Pass nor Wide Pass is available to purchase.
About the Pass, please read my blog page below.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Special timetable for Amanohashidate sightseeing boat for holidays in 2016&2017

Date for 2016: 22nd Sep, 24th Sep, 25th Sep
                        1st Oct, 2nd Oct, 8th Oct, 9th Oct, 10th Oct,
                        15th Oct, 16th Oct, 22nd Oct, 23rd Oct, 29th Oct, 30th Oct

Special timetable for 2016

Date for 2017: 1st Jan, 2nd Jan, 3rd Jan

Special timetable for 2017

Except the dates I listed up here, please check the usual timetable in my blog page below.

From 1st October 2016

Local bus timetable will be change.
There is no change for hop-on and hop off bus timetable.
If you are going to travel after 1st October 2016, please check actual timetable on the spot.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Summer is over for this year.

In Amanohashidate, shower(free of charge) on the beach is closed for this year by 23rd Aug.
If you are visiting Amanohashidate for swimming, there is only a tap which located in front of public toilet, at there you can wash your feet.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Hop-on and hop-off bus in Tango region

Hop-on and hop-off bus is running this year as well.
I highly recommend using this bus because the bus stops at only sightseeing spots and travelling with this bus is economical and ecological. Also most of time, when you take this bus, they have English announcement and short introduction in English for each spots.
Route and timetables are changed from last year, so if you are interested to use this bus, please use the timetable below.
Date: on weekends and public holidays, until end of November 2016
Fare: 200-600JPY/person per ride

Bus stop list
1: Miyazu station(宮津駅)
2: Michi-no-eki Umi-no-Kyoto, Miyazu pier(道の駅 海の京都、宮津桟橋)
3: Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅)
4: Amanohashidate Winery(天橋立ワイナリー)
5: Amanohashidate Moto-ise Kono Jinja shrine&Kasamatsu Park(天橋立元伊勢籠神社&傘松公園)
6: Ine-wan-meguri Hide, Ine sightseeing pier(伊根湾めぐり日出)
7: Ine, central(伊根)
8: Urashima-densetsu-no-sato, Urashima Jinja shrine(浦嶋伝説の里)
9: Kyoga-misaki lookout point(経ヶ岬展望所)
10: Ukawa-onsen yoshino-no-sato, hot spring(宇川温泉よし野の里)
11: Byobu-iwa rock(屏風岩)
12: Tenki-tenki-mura(camping ground), Tate-iwa rock, Kodai-no-sato museum(てんきてんき村、立岩、古代の里資料館)
13: Kotohiki-hama beach, singing sand beach, Singing sand museum(琴引浜、鳴き砂文化館)
14: Tango-okoku Shoku-no-miyako(丹後王国 食のみやこ)
15: Amino station(網野駅)
16: Hamazume/Yuhigaura, long beach with famous for sunset(浜詰・夕日ケ浦)

Bus timetable

Monday, 22 August 2016

Heat stroke?

Are you having a problem with heat in Japan?
I recommend buying "OS-1" at any drug stores(about 200JPY/bottle). This drink can help you to avoid heat stroke. When you drink this, don't drink up in one time, please drink bit by bit.

If you cannot find a drug store nearby, buy "Pocari sweat" or "Aquarius" which you can find at any supermarkets or vending machines. Those drinks are helpful than water or any other drinks. All of them are also recommended to drink when you have a fever.

There is a candy which called "Shio-ame" in Japanese, salt flavoured candy is also good for avoiding heat problem. There are so many kinds of Shio-ame candy and you can buy at supermarkets or convenient stores and so on during summer.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Amanohashidate beach report on 20th Aug 2016

The peak summer holiday season is over now.
The video is taken around 7:30 in the morning, I could only see people are fishing at the edge of the shore. After I finished taking this video, gradually some people are started to turn up on the beach.
Today is also nice blue sky :)

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Peak holiday season in Japan

For this year, from today(11th) until 16th August is the peak season for summer holiday.
If you are travelling while this period and you have a tight schedule, better to use train or boat which can avoid traffic jam. For example, bus can be delay 1 hour or more than that.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Free Wifi spots in Ine

Free Wifi spots are available in Ine(boathouse village).
There are 4 places,
*Ineura Park
*Kaizo-ji Temple
*Funayano sato Ine(lookout Point)

Before start using, you need to register online. For further information, please check on the link below.

This is the sign for the Wifi spot.

Sunflower Festival in Yosano-cho

This year seems like the flowers are blooming right on time for the festival :D
At most you can see 200000 sunflower blooming in the area.
Enjoy the beautiful summer scenery in countryside Japan!

Date: 4th(Thu)-11th(Thu) Aug 2016

Time: 9:00-17:00

Admission fee: 300JPY/person

Location: Around Refre Kayanosato(リフレかやの里)

From Miyazu or Amanohashidate station, take a bus bound for Ukawa-Onsen or Kamanyu or Ine and get off at Iwataki(岩滝), bus fare:200JPY/person. Then walk towards the bus direction and you can see car parking area on your left and you can see toilet and bus stop in the parking, from that bus stop, take a bus bound for Fukuchiyama and get off at Kanaya(金屋), bus fare:200JPY/person.
From the Kanaya bus stop walk about 15-20mins(to the entrance). After you get off the bus, walk few seconds until you can see the first corner on your left, at that time you already can see some parts of sunflower field. Turn the corner and walk about 5mins and you are already in the field. To the entrance, please continue walking.
From Yosano station, take a bus to bound for Fukuchiyama and get off at Kanaya(金屋), bus fare:200JPY/person.
From the Kanaya bus stop walk about 15-20mins. 

Bus timetable


Sunday, 31 July 2016

Beach report - Amanohashidate, 30th July 2016

The video is taken at around 7:00 in the morning.
In the early morning of summer holiday, sports club children are training at the beach which you can can see in the video. On weekday morning, beach is quieter than weekends.
Although, even on weekends, compared with other major beaches in Japan, here is less crowded and you always can find your space on the beach :D
Come and enjoy clean water and relaxed time here!

Under the bridge, there are lots of fish from small one to big one so you can see people who are fishing in Amanohashidate as well in different location than swimming.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Express bus from Osaka&Kyoto to Tango region can book online in English now

Finally, you can make reservation for express bus without knowing Japanese nor go to bus terminal.
Probably they started from this spring although I was busy to updated at that time.
For further information please see the post below.

From Osaka

From Kyoto

Friday, 22 July 2016

Beach bar in Amanohashidate

A bar will open in the night in Amanohashidate beach for 2 days.
The name is called "Bar Les Pins".
The bar offers not only drinks but also some snacks and pizza are available.
Date: 31st July and 1st August 2016
Access: about 10mins walk from Amanohashidate station
(after you crossed two bridges on Aman
ohashidate, you can see the bar on your right)

Night cruise in Amanohashidate - Summer 2016

What to do in the night at Amanohashidate?
Let's enjoy night cruise along the canal of Amanohashidate which is special offer for summer. Additionally, inside the water(sea) is illuminated.

Date: 31st July, 7th Aug, 14th Aug, and 21st Aug

There are two different cruise offers.

*Cruise by motorboat(duration about 20mins)
Time: from 19:45 to 21:00, the boat depart when more than 4 people are joined

*Cruise by sightseeing boat(duration about 25mins)
Time: depart at 19:30, up to 100 people, first come first serve basis

Departing point for both cruise: Amanohashidate pier(next to Chion-ji Temple)
From Amanohashidate station, about 5 minutes walk

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Illuminated beach report

Are you staying overnight in Amanohashidate or Miyazu?
Then I recommend to visit Amanohashidate in the night for illuminated pine trees and beach.

Yesterday(19th July 2016) was so bright with moon light which you can see in the picture.
Seems like they sometime put on background music at the same time when illumination colour change.
My pictures and video were taken around 19:30-20:15.

For further information, please read my another post.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Shower is ready to use on the beach!

Probably they already opened shower from the beginning of this month although I checked by myself CONFIRMED now :D
On Amanohashidate, there are some FREE cold showers are available on the beach for after you enjoyed the sea. The showers are possible to use during summer. 

Traditional Night Festival on 24th July 2016

The festival is called Defune Matsuri Festival, every year it is held on 24th July, so excuse me but I'm going to use my old blog post from the past years to describe the festival here because the festival is the same, nothing change for years.
The festival run between 19:30 to 20:45.
It is a traditional story play in open-air and the stage will be on the sea and the bridge.
Story is; There was a bad dragon in Tango region's sea in the past and Monju-Bosatsu god who alter the dragon to good one! ;) So that's what you will see in the play. You don't need to understand language because it is a non-verbal play, only music.
In the first 30mins, children will dance with Taiko drums, they are usually very cute to see.
Chion-ji temple area&the first bridge to Amanohashidate sandbar(near by station side) will be lighted up with bonfire. Around 20:40-21:00 you can also watch small fireworks. 

Access: 3mins walk from Amanohashidate station
Free admission.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

New rule for withdraw cash from ATM

From 20th June 2016, you can withdraw cash up to 50000JPY per transaction.
Before you could withdraw more by using foreign issued card but not anymore.
This will apply at any ATM in Japan, doesn't matter of post bank nor seven bank etc..

Friday, 10 June 2016

Water projection show on 7th&8th July 2016

Summer is getting close here in Tango region.
Recently I already saw some people with swimwear in Amanohashidate.

Anyway, there is an event "Water projection show" in Kumihama.
This event was supposed to be held last year although we got typhoon, so hopefully this year we will have better luck of the weather!

Date: 7th&8th July 2016
Time(The show will be shown twice per day): 20:00-/21:00- 
**In case of bad weather condition, the event will be postphoned to 10th July 2016.
Place: Amenity Kumihama Park
Access: Walk about 10mins from Kumihama station.
If you are staying at Amanohashidate or Miyazu area on the day, you can take the train which has specially organised time table for this event.

Amanohashidate will be illuminated in summer 2016

Are you plan to stay overnight in Amanohashidate or Miyazu area?
If so, you can visit the romantic? sandbar(Amanohashidate) in the night.

Date: From 16th July 2016 to 31st August 2016
Time:19:00-22:00(everyday during the period)
Place: Amanohashidate (about 10mins walk from Amanohashidate station)

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Accommodation in Ine(not boathouse area)

The accommodation is called "Shibata-sou(しばた荘)".
They are located in not boathouse area of Ine although they offer 2 meals and pick up service from down town of Ine.
Price: 10692JPY/person with 2 meals, they also offer no meal booking as well, although I personally recommend you to book with 2 meals.
Website available in English.
Please book through the site.
Access: From Amanohashidate station or Miyazu station, take a bus bound for Ine or Kamanyu or Kyogamisaki and get off at Ine. From there they can pick you up(please tell them you need the pick up service when you make booking).

Budget inn lists in Ine

Compared with the past, these days, Ine has more accommodation for tourists to stay over night.
Although, still limited number of inns are available, so please make sure you book in advance, most of places open booking from 3 months before. All of the accommodation listed here are located by the sea.

The inn accept only one group of guests per night.
Price: from 5400JPY/person
No meals offered.
Tel:0772-32-0017(from Japanese phone)
Address: 305 Kameshima, Ine, Yosa-gun, Kyoto
Access: From Amanohashidate station or Miyazu station, take a bus bound for Ine or Kamanyu or Kyogamisaki and get off at Takanashi then walk about 1 minute. Bus fare:400JPY/person, about 1hour ride.
I recommend you to contact to Ine Tourist Office to book this accommodation(Email: info@ine-kankou-jp or Tel:0772-32-0277(from Japanese phone))

This place is actually pottery gallery owned by a Japanese women. From this spring she offering a space for tourists to stay over night.
Price: 5400JPY/person, the place can accommodate up to 4 people
The price include small breakfast.
Address: 848 Kameshima, Ine, Yosa-gun, Kyoto
Access: From Amanohashidate station or Miyazu station, take a bus bound for Ine or Kamanyu or Kyogamisaki and get off at Ine-yubinkyoku-mae then walk about 5 minutes. Bus fare:400JPY/person, about 1hour ride.
I recommend you to contact to Ine Tourist Office to book this accommodation(Email: info@ine-kankou-jp or Tel:0772-32-0277(from Japanese phone))
Website is kind of available in English....

Booking is accepted from 2 people up to 6 people.
Price: 11880JPY/person, include breakfast
Tel:0772-32-0608(from Japanese phone)
Address: 940 Kameshima, Ine, Yosa-gun, Kyoto
Access: From Amanohashidate station or Miyazu station, take a bus bound for Ine or Kamanyu or Kyogamisaki and get off at Ine-yubinkyoku-mae then walk about 10 minutes. Bus fare:400JPY/person, about 1hour ride.
Website is only available in Japanese.
You can make a reservation through e-mail,

Friday, 1 April 2016

Budget inn along the canal of Amanohashidate

The inn is called Amanohashidate-so. 
The best thing about this inn is, it is located by the sea and reasonable price. There are Japanese style room and Western style room available.

Access: about 10mins walk from Amanohashidate station

You can book through

Japanese style inn in Miyazu

The inn is called Takashimaya, Ryokan. The inn has Onsen. Some of the rooms are renovated in 2010.
I can recommend their meals and better to book dinner and breakfast.

about 10mins walk from Miyazu station
If you take an express bus from Osaka or Kyoto, you can get off at Kisenba-Minato-kan(one stop after Miyazu station) and walk about 1 min.

Booking is only possible in Japanese website, such as Rakuten Travel....

Japanese traditional inn in Miyazu

The inn is called Charoku Honkan. 
It is a Ryokan with Onsen(hot spring). 
The inn founded around 1716-1735 and the building is registered as a tangible cultural property of Japan. 
Better to book with dinner and breakfast because there are not many places for dinner(the owner told me that they also can serve western style breakfast, if the guests wish and when they are not busy).

10mins walk from Miyazu station. 
If you are taking the express bus from Kyoto or Osaka, you can get off at Kisenba-minato-kan bus stop(one stop after the Miyazu station) and walk about 3mins.

You can book from or Rakuten Travel and so on.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016