Saturday, 23 November 2013

Nariai-ji temple

The temple is founded in 704. It was located at the top of mountain in the beginning although in 1400, landslide was happened in the mountain and they needed to move down the temple to the location where the temple stands now.
There is also a five storied pagoda which built in 1998, at that time, Japan was experiencing economic bubble so they could spend lots of money to build up this wooden pagoda in such countryside(mountain).
Admission fee:500yen(If you visit by car)
                    400yen(If you take a mountain bus)
This admission fee also give you access to visit the panoramic view point!
Traditionally, this temple is known as a temple of Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage(Totally 33 temples).

Access: 20mins walk from Kasamatsu park or 7mins by mountain bus from Kasamatsu park(Mountain bus:350yen/single). I recommend to take the mountain bus if you are interested to visit the panoramic view point, so you can skip some walk on steep road.

Go up to the panoramic view point, there is a path on the left side of the temple, it took me 30mins to the view point.(Officially, they say it will take 40mins on foot to the view point.) At the viewpoint there is a tiny café, runned by temple, when the weather is nice, they have open-deck area.
                                              (From the panoramic view point)

Sea taxi in INE

If you are interested to get closer look of boat houses in Ine village, I highly recommend you to take a sea taxi instead of sightseeing boat. Although, if you are in hurry or just have a quick view or traveling alone, the sightseeing boat is for you.
The sea taxi can get close to the boat houses compared with the big sightseeing boat and usually the sea taxi owner has own boat house and they can show you inside of their boat house which you can't experience by the sightseeing boat.

To hire a sea taxi, you need to make a phone call which is probably hard task for here is solution....
☆Visit tourist office of INE located in Funayanosato park(舟屋の里公園). Take a bus from Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅) and get off at the park. Bus fare:400yen/single.
At the tourist office they can book the sea taxi for you. Sea taxi is only possible to hire from 2 people and from 1000yen/person.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Pictures from 19th November 2013

It is very difficult to tell how it is beautiful to see coloured mountain with sea.
If you have a chance to visit Amanohashidate now, I recommend you to go up to the panoramic view point(500m above sea level). 
Access: From Nariai-ji temple(成相寺) about 30mins walk(at least for me it took 30mins). 
Five storied pagoda in Nariai-ji temple
                                                       From the panoramic view point
P.S. I didn't retouch the pictures from what I really took ;)

Monday, 11 November 2013

Between 2nd Dec to 6th Dec

The designed trains will be send to periodic check.
So if you are plan to take these trains, please avoid to travel during this period. If you would like to read about the designed train, please check the following link.

Oyster and Fish festival in Kumihama!

The festival name in Japanese is "Kumihama Kaki-sakana matsuri(久美浜 カキ・魚まつり)". If you would like to try winter season's seafood, this is a good oppotunity! They serve grilled oyster which catched in Kumihama bay and soup with crab, those are for free of charge! *Although it doesn't mean you can eat as much as you want.* 

Date: first Sunday in December
Time: 9:00-14:00
From Kumihama station(久美浜駅) or Shotenkyo station(小天橋駅), take a city bus line called "Minatosen(湊線)" and get off at "Minatokobashi(湊小橋)" and walk 10mins.
Bus fare:200yen/single.
Location: Marine Plaza, 1664 Minatomiya Kumihama, Kyotango, Kyoto(京都府京丹後市久美浜町湊宮1664 マリンプラザ)

Sunday, 3 November 2013

From 1st November 2013, a cream colour re-designed train started running officially!

This new train is designed by a famous Japanese industrial designer "Eiji Mitooka". He designed Shinkansen(bullet train) and seven stars(the most luxury excursion train in Japan) and so on.
In Tango region, already two trains designed by him are running from spring 2013, the trains called Akamatsu&Aomatsu.
From the 1st of November Akamatsu is joined to the new cream coloured train(unfortunately, this one has no name :( ). And no extra charge neither, you pay ordinal train fare for this cream one. But Akamatsu you must pay additional 300yen.
Now, Aomatsu running by himself?(herself?) due to Akamatsu and Aomatsu separated from each other from 1st November 2013, which means, every day you have chance to ride them from or to Amanohashidate :)

Please check timetable of the trains on following link!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Crab season!

Crab fishing season will starts from 6th November.
At some places, you can eat freshly caught crab on the day(6th Nov) although it will be depends on the weather.
Many inns will be offer their dinner with crab after 6th November so if you wonder the reason of high charge of accommodation expenses, that's could be the reason until spring.

In Tango region, this season's crab is called "MATSUBA-GANI(松葉がに)". Especially, in Taiza town, their fishing area is very close to the land(up 30km away) which means less transportation time and much fresh than the other port's crabs. So this crab has a special name "TAIZA-GANI(間人がに)" to given this name, crab must caught in Taiza.

BUT "Taiza crab" became too well-known and it costs a lot to taste (around 50000yen/person), and if you know the right place to eat "Matsuba crab", it is not that different quality compared with Taiza crab. Basically, Matsu crab lunch starts from around 20000yen/person.

Anyway, to eat crab, you need reservation before or stay at accommodation which offers crab dinner.
Without reservation, you have almost no chance to eat really fresh crab! So I highly recommend you to book before.

These two restaurants serves good quality crab!
Price starts from 23100yen/person*reservation is only possible from 2people.
                                                    (This picture is 23100yen course)

Price starts from 18900yen/person.