Thursday, 25 August 2016

Hop-on and hop-off bus in Tango region

Hop-on and hop-off bus is running this year as well.
I highly recommend using this bus because the bus stops at only sightseeing spots and travelling with this bus is economical and ecological. Also most of time, when you take this bus, they have English announcement and short introduction in English for each spots.
Route and timetables are changed from last year, so if you are interested to use this bus, please use the timetable below.
Date: on weekends and public holidays, until end of November 2016
Fare: 200-600JPY/person per ride

Bus stop list
1: Miyazu station(宮津駅)
2: Michi-no-eki Umi-no-Kyoto, Miyazu pier(道の駅 海の京都、宮津桟橋)
3: Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅)
4: Amanohashidate Winery(天橋立ワイナリー)
5: Amanohashidate Moto-ise Kono Jinja shrine&Kasamatsu Park(天橋立元伊勢籠神社&傘松公園)
6: Ine-wan-meguri Hide, Ine sightseeing pier(伊根湾めぐり日出)
7: Ine, central(伊根)
8: Urashima-densetsu-no-sato, Urashima Jinja shrine(浦嶋伝説の里)
9: Kyoga-misaki lookout point(経ヶ岬展望所)
10: Ukawa-onsen yoshino-no-sato, hot spring(宇川温泉よし野の里)
11: Byobu-iwa rock(屏風岩)
12: Tenki-tenki-mura(camping ground), Tate-iwa rock, Kodai-no-sato museum(てんきてんき村、立岩、古代の里資料館)
13: Kotohiki-hama beach, singing sand beach, Singing sand museum(琴引浜、鳴き砂文化館)
14: Tango-okoku Shoku-no-miyako(丹後王国 食のみやこ)
15: Amino station(網野駅)
16: Hamazume/Yuhigaura, long beach with famous for sunset(浜詰・夕日ケ浦)

Bus timetable

Monday, 22 August 2016

Heat stroke?

Are you having a problem with heat in Japan?
I recommend buying "OS-1" at any drug stores(about 200JPY/bottle). This drink can help you to avoid heat stroke. When you drink this, don't drink up in one time, please drink bit by bit.

If you cannot find a drug store nearby, buy "Pocari sweat" or "Aquarius" which you can find at any supermarkets or vending machines. Those drinks are helpful than water or any other drinks. All of them are also recommended to drink when you have a fever.

There is a candy which called "Shio-ame" in Japanese, salt flavoured candy is also good for avoiding heat problem. There are so many kinds of Shio-ame candy and you can buy at supermarkets or convenient stores and so on during summer.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Amanohashidate beach report on 20th Aug 2016

The peak summer holiday season is over now.
The video is taken around 7:30 in the morning, I could only see people are fishing at the edge of the shore. After I finished taking this video, gradually some people are started to turn up on the beach.
Today is also nice blue sky :)

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Peak holiday season in Japan

For this year, from today(11th) until 16th August is the peak season for summer holiday.
If you are travelling while this period and you have a tight schedule, better to use train or boat which can avoid traffic jam. For example, bus can be delay 1 hour or more than that.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Free Wifi spots in Ine

Free Wifi spots are available in Ine(boathouse village).
There are 4 places,
*Ineura Park
*Kaizo-ji Temple
*Funayano sato Ine(lookout Point)

Before start using, you need to register online. For further information, please check on the link below.

This is the sign for the Wifi spot.

Sunflower Festival in Yosano-cho

This year seems like the flowers are blooming right on time for the festival :D
At most you can see 200000 sunflower blooming in the area.
Enjoy the beautiful summer scenery in countryside Japan!

Date: 4th(Thu)-11th(Thu) Aug 2016

Time: 9:00-17:00

Admission fee: 300JPY/person

Location: Around Refre Kayanosato(リフレかやの里)

From Miyazu or Amanohashidate station, take a bus bound for Ukawa-Onsen or Kamanyu or Ine and get off at Iwataki(岩滝), bus fare:200JPY/person. Then walk towards the bus direction and you can see car parking area on your left and you can see toilet and bus stop in the parking, from that bus stop, take a bus bound for Fukuchiyama and get off at Kanaya(金屋), bus fare:200JPY/person.
From the Kanaya bus stop walk about 15-20mins(to the entrance). After you get off the bus, walk few seconds until you can see the first corner on your left, at that time you already can see some parts of sunflower field. Turn the corner and walk about 5mins and you are already in the field. To the entrance, please continue walking.
From Yosano station, take a bus to bound for Fukuchiyama and get off at Kanaya(金屋), bus fare:200JPY/person.
From the Kanaya bus stop walk about 15-20mins. 

Bus timetable