Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Found a little spring by the sea today!

This year, the mountains are still covered by snow here and temperature is also lower than usual. However, I finally found an old tree of cherry blossoms which has some blooming part :) Please don't think this is the beginning of blooming season. At here, most of trees are bloom in beginning of April.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Farm stay in Yasaka


The inn called Hokkori(温古里).
A friendly lady will accommodate you at old fashioned Japanese house. The inn only take one booking per day which means you have entire house for you. The owner is an organic farmer and the house is surrounded by beautiful nature and their meals are prepared with freshly picked vegetables, so what you can eat is depends on season.

Price(without meal):5000yen/person per night*booking is accepted from 3 people
Price(with dinner and breakfast):8800yen/person per night*booking is accepted from 2 people
**If you like to use kitchen facility, it will cost 1000yen extra.
**During winter season, some extra cost will be charged for heating.
Bathroom, western style toilet and washing machine is available to use. You need to bring your towel, pajamas and toiletries.

For booking, please ask someone who can speak Japanese to call for you. (The lady is lovely and kind person so she will give you a warm welcome at the place but unfortunately she cannot speak English so...) TEL:0772-62-0934(from Japanese domestic phone)

Access: Unfortunately, there is no public transportation available in the area. So please ask for pick up service from the closest train station(Mineyama station) where takes about 40mins drive to the inn. The pick up service will be extra cost. There is another way to get to this inn, which is use Uber. I think the easiest place to meet up the driver for you is "Ukawa-Onsen Yoshino-no-sato(宇川温泉よし野の里)" bus stop. The cost is approx. 2500yen. Uber is only possible to start run from Tango-cho area so it is not possible to use Uber for return because the inn located in Yasaka-cho area. About the Uber, please check on my blog. http://seasidekyoto.blogspot.com/2017/02/uber-sasae-ai-kotsu.html

Address: 419-2 Yasaka-cho, Sugawa, Kyotango(京丹後市弥栄町須川419-2)

Official website(Japanese)

The video is taken at the inn in winter, the language of video is in French&Japanese. From the video, you can see the owner is a warm-heart person, inconvenient location but the staying this inn experience is worth it ;)

Uber - Sasae-ai-kotsu(ささえ合い交通)

In Tango region, there is an area where Uber launched first time in Japan since May 2016.
Until now, about 20% of the users are international tourists such as British, Australian from that fact, I thought I can recommend this system on my blog now.
The service cover a trip which start from Tango-cho area.
Fare: 480yen(a base fare, up to 1.5km) then add each 1km cost 120yen.
For example, if you want to ride for 5km, you will pay 900yen.
You can pay by credit card or cash.
Drivers are all local and wearing an orange vest. Please don't expect they have a big car to pick you up.
Operation hours: 8:00-20:00

To use Uber, you need to download their app. For further information, visit their official website.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

From 4th March 2017

Local bus&train timetables will be change.

For the train timetable, you can visit their official website, the timetable is available.

For the local bus timetables, some lines are changing timetable from 1st April 2017.
The official timetables are only available in Japanese.
If you have any particular line and time which you would like to confirm the time, you can send me email. I will assist you to find it!

Sunday, 19 February 2017

BIG news!!

Finally, from 10th April 2017, three types of JR-Pass will be valid to use in Kyoto Tango Railway(KTR).
*Kansai WIDE Area Pass
*Kansai-Hiroshima Area Pass
*Kansai-Hokuriku Area Pass
For further information, you can read on their official website.

Travel inside of Tango region, theses passes are not that worth it, so if you are staying over night in Tango region and try to utilize these passes, I recommend you to travel into Tango region on the last day of the pass or travel out from Tango region on the beginning of the day of the pass.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Go beach hopping in Tango region!

In Tango, we don't have islands to do "island hopping" but we have beaches which you can do "beach hopping" :) Maybe you think what is the reason to visit many beaches in a region? Because each beach has different way of how to enjoy!

1. Amanohashidate beach
The best beach for sun-bathing. Surrounded about 8000 pine trees and waves are calm even feel like a lake. On 3,6km long beach, you can find your spot to chill out. Also it is a shallow beach so suitable for children. Beside beach, I recommend you to visit Kasamatsu park for "bridge to heaven" view which literally what Amanohashidate means in Japanese.

2. Nochigahama beach
The best beach for stroll. Before get to the beach, walk up to a lookout point which is also known as Onaru-Kofun-gun(Onaru burial mound, it is an ancient burial mound from 6th-7th century, the time Tango region was "Tango Kingdom" and that time the Kingdom played important role to contacting with Eurasia continent), you can see beautifully naturally carved rocks. After enjoyed the view, take a stairs down to the beach. On the beach, you can see a huge rock it is called Tateiwa which has Jizo statue inside the rock.

3. Kotohikihama beach
The best beach for having a fun? The beach is known as a singing sand, if the sand is wet, it cannot work..... If you still want to hear the sound when it's raining, you can visit the museum by the beach. Also on the beach, there is a tiny open-air Onsen(hot spring) for free of charge, it is not separated by sex so must wear swimsuit. Have a nice relax time by the sea!

*I don't have own pictures for sea-kayaking since this is brand new project, so I borrowing pictures from Kamai Coast sea-kayaking club and I also recommend to watch a short video taken by them for sea-kayaking experience. Please click here, for the video.

4. Kamai beach area
The best beach area for sea-kayaking. Please check another page of my blog for further info. http://seasidekyoto.blogspot.com/2017/02/sea-kayaking-in-kumihamafrom-april-to.html 
We are not located in tropical area but the colour of the sea is stunning! All the sea-kayaking tour start from early morning(8:30) so no public transportation is running so please stay over night at Furan-no-yakata where is the meeting point of the tours.

There are too many places I don't want to miss out from travel route but I know I cannot include all...so this is the four significant beaches which I highly recommend! (There are more beaches available in Tango region, please look at "Swimming-sea" category from my blog.) There are certain reasons of why I started from 1 to 4, so I don't recommend changing the visiting order.

Travel model route focused on beach hopping(so please consider this for April to November, if you want to swim July to September(September can be too late, depends on each year)) and include must see sightseeing spots in Tango region!

1st DAY
From JR Kyoto station to Nishimaizuru station, take an express train or local trains that is depends on your budget. From Nishimaizuru station, take a local train(Tantetsu) to Amanohashidate station. Leave your luggage at the coin locker or your accommodation. Start sightseeing in Amanohashidate, visit Chion-ji Temple then walk through Amanohashidate(beach hopping 1) then visit Kono-jinja shrine then continue to Kasamatsu Park and Nariai-ji Temple, if you still have time, climb up to the panoramic view point! The highest view point of Amanohashidate. Take a sightseeing boat back to Amanohashidate station side. Stay overnight at Amanohashidate or Miyazu.

2nd DAY
In the morning, visit Miyazu downtown, Catholic church and Old Mikami house.
In the afternoon, take a local bus(or boat available on weekends&public holiday in the morning) to Ine(boat-house village). In Ine, take a sightseeing boat or sea taxi if you didn't take a boat to arrive in Ine. Then use bike sharing or walk to stroll around the village. Stay overnight at Ine.

3rd DAY
Take a local bus to "Ukawa-Onsen-Yoshino-no-sato" (this is a hot spring place so if you like to stop at here, enjoy before getting next bus) then change to another bus and get off at "Tenki-tenki-mura". Visit Onaru burial mound and Nochigahama beach(beach hopping 2). Take a bus to "Kotohikihama", enjoy the beach(beach hopping 3). Take a local bus to "Amino-eki(Amino station)" then take a local train to Kumihama station. Stay overnight at Furan-no-yakata.

4th DAY
Enjoy sea-kayaking tour in the morning or a full day(beach hopping 4). After the experience, go back to Kumihama station then continue your trip to wherever...

Sea-kayaking in Kumihama(From April to October)

(The picture was taken in Oct. 2016, so in the summer time, I guess more gorgeous.)

Sea-kayak experience is offered by Kamai-kaigan sea-kayak club(かまい海岸シーカヤッククラブ). 

Their business is just started from 2016 and all instructors are licensed and locals.

For people who only want to try a bit of sea-kayaking, there is a course called "Group share pack(グループシェアパック)" and you can apply from 3 people to 8 people.
Duration: about 1 hour
Price: 10000yen/group

Guided kayak tours
(The prices included: insurance, guide and kayak rental) 
For beginner, "Kamai-hannichi course(かまい半日コース)" , during this course you will be paddling in calm sea area started from Kamai beach.
Duration: about 3 hours (start at 8:30)
Price: 6000yen/person per single kayak, 11000yen/tandem kayak
*The price include tax.

For people have done "Kamai-hannichi course" before, try "Asahi-hannichi course(あさひ半日コース)", during this course you will paddle into narrow rock walls and rough rocky area.
Duration: about 3 hours (start at 8:30)
Price: 6000yen/person per single kayak, 11000yen/tandem kayak
*The price include tax.

For people, who wants to try both course in a day, "Ichinichi course(1日コース)". You will start from "Kamai-hannichi course in the morning then the instructor will check if you are possible to continue to "Asahi-hannichi course" in the afternoon. For join in this course, you need have physical fitness which you can continue paddling for 5 hours.
Duration: about 5 hours (start at 8:30)
Price: 11000yen/person per single kayak, 21000yen/tandem kayak
*The price include tax.

Children can join the tour from 3 years old. From 3 years old to 9 years old, need to be ride on the middle of tandem kayak without paddling. Although, for child from age 6-12, instructor will decide which experience is the most suitable for your child, can paddle on tandem kayak or single kayak and so on.

I recommend to stay at Furan-no yakata, the day before the tour cause all the tour start from early morning and the inn is meeting point of the tour. Additionally, overnight guests can get a discount on the tour for 1000yen/kayak.

Things to bring:
extra clothe(you may get wet during the tour), sandals or marine shoes, sun protection cream, towel, sunglasses, swimsuits(or clothe which can protect you from the sun when you playing in the water), windbreaker or rain jacket(depends on the weather), travel insurance documents.

0772-83-1033(from Japanese domestic phone), +81-772-83-1033(from foreign phone)
Unfortunately, I don't think they can speak English so better to ask your accommodation staff or someone who can speak Japanese. So the tour also provided in Japanese.
Their official website(in Japanese): http://www17.plala.or.jp/kamaiseakayac/index.html

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Two camping sites in Tango peninsula


Would you like to stay at beach?

Tateiwa camping site(立岩キャンプ場) is only open for summer(mid July- end of Aug).
4000yen/tent(from 2nd night 3000yen/tent)
Reservation is not possible. First come first serve.
Reception hut is located to next to Hashiudo-sou(はしうど荘).
☆There is a direct bus from Kyoto station twice a day although if you would like to stay at the camping you need to arrive at day time so there is only one connection a day(From Kyoto station depart at 12:40 and arrive at Tango-cho-sha-mae(丹後庁舎前) at 15:59. The bus fare: 3450JPY/person for single trip.
☆Other than direct bus, from Mineyama station, take a local bus Taiza line(間人線) and get off at  Tango-cho-sha-mae(丹後庁舎前). Bus fare: 200JPY/person for single trip.


Tenki-tenki-tango camping site(てんきてんき丹後キャンプ場)
5mins walk from beach.
4000yen/tent(From 28th Apr. 2017 to 10th Oct.2017)
1000yen/tent(Until 27th Apr. 2017 and after 11th Oct.2017)
Reservation is possible from 2 months before until 2 days before the date.
For reservation, call 0772-75-2525 or 0772-75-2526(Operation hours: 9-17)
Check-in:11:00, Check-out:10:00
Your reservation will be cancel, if you don't show up or no notice to them for late arrival until 15:00 on the day.
Reception hut is located to next to Hashiudo-sou(はしうど荘) during Golden Week and from 14th Jul. 2017 until 19th Aug. 2017. For the other time of the year, please visit "Michi-no-eki Tenki-tenki-tango(道の駅てんきてんき丹後)".
☆There is a direct bus from Kyoto station twice a day although if you would like to stay at the camping you need to arrive at day time so there is only one connection a day(From Kyoto station depart at 12:40 and arrive at Tango-cho-sha-mae(丹後庁舎前) at 15:59. The bus fare: 3450JPY/person for single trip.
☆Other than direct bus, from Mineyama station, take a local bus Taiza line(間人線) and get off at  Tango-cho-sha-mae(丹後庁舎前). Bus fare: 200JPY/person for single trip.
From the bus stop, across a bridge and walk about 5mins and you can see"Michi-no-eki Tenki-tenki-tango(道の駅てんきてんき丹後)" on your left side.

**For travellers, who never experienced or not coming from humid warm country, camping in Japanese summer is kind of tough cause of humidity and heat. So if you think, you cannot sleep in temperature around 25-30 degrees with high humidity, I recommend you to avoid camping during summer.

How to ride on the local bus in Tango region?

Local buses in Tango region is very reasonable and some routes offers one of the best scenic bus rides in Japan. So why not enjoy taking the bus in Tango region?!  

How to ride:

Please get on the bus from rear door and exit from front door.
The bus fare, please pay when you get off.

Every time, when you enter the bus, please take a numbered slip from a little box.

When your stop is approaching, press one of the buttons on the wall or seat to tell the driver that you wish to get off at the next stop.

A display above the driver shows the next stop and the fares for that stop in JPY. To figure out your fare, match the number on your slip with the number on the display.(Some numbered slips are written in Kanji, so if you cannot read it, please show it to the driver)
Please pay the exact fare, the payment box doesn't give change. Please exchange bills and coins beforehand with the changing machine. The changing machine only accept coins and 1000yen notes. 

For nature lovers, only possible in snowing season

Snowshoe experience! 


During snow season, there is a guide(most likely only speak Japanese) available for snowshoeing in Mt.Oe.
Renting snowshoe&stock cost 1000JPY/person
Private tour cost from 3000JPY-(per person)
*for the tour costs, available course, dates and so on... please ask directly to the organiser.
Min.2 people
If you have no own vehicle access, better to ask a meeting point where you can reach by public transportation.
The tour is organised by Onikko-no-kai(鬼っこの会)
Their official blog.(in Japanese)
If you are interested, please ask your accommodation or Japanese person to assist you to make a reservation due to the organiser can't speak English, I think.
For booking, call 090-3466-4376(from Japanese domestic phone), +81-90-3466-4376(from foreign phone).

Setsubun - Bean-Throwing Festival

This is the day before the beginning of spring according to the old Japanese calendar. In Japan, we have traditional custom to throw roasted soy-beans at home on 3rd Feb. every year. For you as a visitor in Japan and who likes to see a traditional way of celebration, I can recommend to experience this event in here.
In Miyazu disctrict, we also visit temple on this day.
You can attend this Setsubun ceremony session which is open to public. After you pass the gate of the temple, people are serving warm sake in bamboo which is free welcome drink, this is also tradition, here, so let's try it! To get into the temple, you need to take off your shoes. You can hear monks's Buddhist chanting. After the chant, the monks will throw beans and some candies and you can catch or pick up that(all those things are eatable, in case, you get a coin, which we save it in our purse). Then before you are going outside monks will give you a chant for wishing health. The ceremony last at most 30mins.
Beside the ceremony, let's have a look on the ceiling of the temple, you can see a dynamic painting of a dragon ascending to heaven.

Date: 3rd February 2017
Time: 15:00 and 19:00(make sure to arrive at the temple before the ceremony starts)
Place: Kyoo-ji Temple(経王寺)
Access: about 15mins walk from Miyazu station(For walking route, please click the link below.)
Google map - walking route