Wednesday 31 July 2019

Auberge Amanohashidate, renovated in Spring 2019

I stayed in this place in 2018 and also last month (June 2019). They renovated and re-opened on 21st March 2019.
I have to say, not bad to stay here.
It is a really tiny room what they offer but now you can have a non-smoking room and also cost-wise very reasonable because conveniently located in almost in front of Amanohashidate Station and breakfast (buffet) & Onsen (hot spring&sauna) you can eat and use at Amanohashidate Hotel which is a sister grand hotel a minute walk away from the Auberge Amanohashidate. The hot spring ,I highly recommend soak in the morning as well, so you can see the view of Amanohashidate from open air bath.
There is a shower located on the grand floor so you can take a shower quickly after you came back from the beach. Also they have FREE laundry use on the grand floor. Of course, they can keep your luggage before your check-in and after your check-out.

Monday 9 July 2018

Recovering from heavy rain attack(Updated on 1st Sep. 2018)

Thank you for your interest to visit Tango region!

Easiest way to access Tango region is taking express bus from Kyoto or Osaka for the moment. Trains are started running although still you need to change to bus at some point if you are taking train via Nishi-Maizuru. Trains started running completely again from 29th August.

To access to Ine, local buses are start running although it will take much longer than before because the bus needs to take a detour.  as usual from tomorrow(2nd August).
If you are visiting on weekends&public holidays, there is a boat from Miyazu or Amanohashidate pier to Ine. For the timetable for the boat please check my blog.

Kasamatsu Park will open again from tomorrow, 21st July. Finally, the chair-lifts are also operating again from 10th August.
Unfortunately, the chair lift is still under maintenance although you can go up with the cable-car and finally can see the traditional view of Amanohashidate, bridge to heaven!!

If you are interested to visit Nariai-ji Temple, from 22nd July the road to the temple is going to open again and you can access by car or on foot. Also the mountain bus to Nariai-ji Temple from Kasamatsu Park is started running from today(1st Aug.).

Sightseeing boat in Amanohashidate also Ine are running as usual.

Tuesday 13 March 2018

From 17th March 2018

Kyoto Tango Railway(KTR, Tantetsu)'s train timetables will be change.
If you already planned to travel to Tango region by trains, I recommend you to check the timetable again!

Wednesday 27 September 2017

From 1st October 2017

Kyoto Tango Railway(KTR, Tantetsu)'s train timetables will be change.
If you already planned to travel to Tango region by trains, I recommend you check the time again!

Sunday 23 July 2017

Express bus to Amanohashidate&Ine from Kyoto!

There are already three direct express buses running from Kyoto to Amanohashidate daily. Although, there is no direct bus to Ine from Kyoto until now and it will be offered seasonally.
This bus is a good option for tourists who would like to arrive earlier time in a day to Tango region cause this is the earliest arrival time of direct public transportation from Kyoto(For example, the direct express train arrives at Amanohashidate station at 11:25).

Date: everyday from 29th July 2017 to 1st Oct 2017(3rd-6th May is not running)

  8:10 Kyoto station
  8:33 Kosoku-Nagaokakyo(For Hankyu line "Nishiyama-tennozan" station)
10:10 Amanohashidate station
10:28 Amanohashidate Cable-shita(For Kasamatsu Park)
10:50 Ine-wan-meguri-Hide(For sightseeing boat in Ine) 
10:59 Ine(Central)

15:36 Ine(Central)
15:45 Ine-wan-meguri-Hide(For sightseeing boat in Ine) 
16:07 Amanohashidate Cable-shita(For Kasamatsu Park)
16:25 Amanohashidate station
18:02 Kosoku-Nagaokakyo(For Hankyu line "Nishiyama-tennozan" station)
18:27 Kyoto station

From Kyoto station(Kosoku-Nagaokakyo) to Amanohashidate station 2800JPY
From Kyoto station(Kosoku-Nagaokakyo) to Amanohashidate Cable-shita 3000JPY
From Kyoto station(Kosoku-Nagaokakyo) to Ine-wan-meguri-Hide(Ine) 3200JPY

For this bus, booking is only possible by call(Please ask someone who can speak Japanese to call for you). TEL:0120-15-8814(From domestic phone)
Please prepare exact cash and remember your seat number when you book(Make sure to sit on the correct seat.)

From Kyoto station, bus leaves from C2(bus stop).

Free wifi and toilet are available on the bus.

Sunday 16 July 2017

Enjoy art in Tango!

New art museum is opened on 23rd June 2017 in Kumihama.
The museum was designed by one of world renowned Japanese architects, Tadao Ando and exhibiting works from Mitsumasa Anno who is famous as a picture book artist.
The exhibited collections will be change each 3 months.
Name of the museum: Mori-no-naka-no-ie Anno Mitsumasa kan(森の中の家 安野光雅館)
Open: 9:30-17:00(Last admission at 16:30)
Closed on Tuesdays(if Tuesday is public holiday, the museum is open and Wednesday is closed instead of Tuesday) and 29th Dec.-1st Jan..
Admission fee: 1000JPY/adult
Access: You can access the museum by bus from Kumihama station or Mineyama station. Please click here for google map.
★From Kumihama station, take a bus #71 for about 15mins and get off at Tani-Kogyo-danchi-mae(谷工業団地前) and walk about 10mins to the museum. Bus fare: 200JPY/person
Departure at Kumihama station;
11:24(not available on weekends&public holidays&30th Dec.-3rd Jan.)/13:05/15:50
Departure at  Tani-Kogyo-danchi-mae(bound for Kumihama station);
11:39(not available on weekends&public holidays&30th Dec.-3rd Jan.)

★From Mineyama station,  take a bus #71 for about 25mins and get off at Tani-Kogyo-danchi-mae(谷工業団地前) and walk about 10mins to the museum. Bus fare: 200JPY/person
Departure at Mineyama station;
10:23(not available on weekends&public holidays&30th Dec.-3rd Jan.)/11:35/14:05
Departure at  Tani-Kogyo-danchi-mae(bound for Mineyama station);
10:49(not available on weekends&public holidays&30th Dec.-3rd Jan.)/12:01/14:31/17:07(not available on weekends&public holidays&30th Dec.-3rd Jan.)

There is also an Italian restaurant called "wakuden MORI" is located in the same location. The restaurant open 10-18(Last call at 17:30).

***At the moment, I still couldn't visit this place so I will report it sometime soon!

Friday 14 July 2017

Miyazu Marine Fest 2017! (Miyazu-wan Nigiwai Festa宮津湾にぎわいフェスタ2017)
Date:16th July 2017
Time: 9:00-15:00

If you would like to try sea activities(not swimming) in Japan, this is one of good oppotunity!
This event is held already 11 years and this year, it became more easy to access.

The picture above is a typical fishing style experience in this region called Jibikiami(地引き網) so in fact it is possible to try for all year round if you are dare to wake up 3 in the morning or something like that :D Although, at this event, you don't need to force you to wake up so early.

☆Jibikiami experience 10:00 and 13:00(No charge)

☆Yacht experience(45mins) 9:30/10:20//11:10/13:00/13:50 Must be over 8 years old.
(No charge,on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited number of people can experience.)

☆Discover Kunda peninsula from motorboat(20mins)
Price:800JPY(Adult), 400JPY(Under 11 years old)

And some more things are available......

Tai-Miyazu Yacht Harbor(田井宮津ヨットハーバー)
Please use the Japanese word to see on google MAP.

There is a local bus from Miyazu station although only one bus to reach there on time of the event and no bus to go back. So I recommend to go there by bicycle. About 45mins from Amanohashidate station by bike. About 30mins from Miyazu station by bike(No bikes rent out at Miyazu station). Nothing difficult, just keep stay on the coastline then you will be there :D
But from this year, there is a motorboat which run specially for this event from Miyazu pier.
Walk about 10mins from Miyazu Station to Miyazu pier(Click here for the google map.) and take the direct boat.
Fare(return): 1400JPY(Adult), 700JPY(Under 11 years old)
Departure from Miyazu pier 8:45/9:45/10:45/11:45/12:45/13:45
Please check on the spot for return timetable.
Please do not consider visiting there by car because of parking space is rarely available.