Friday, 25 January 2013

Meridian northernmost tower - Saihokushigosentou(最北子午線塔)

The tower located at the northernmost area where determine the standard time of Japan, along the 135th meridian east of Greenwich.
The tower hight is 5.5m.

  • From Amino(網野) train station 10mins by taxi
  • From Amino station take a bus about 10mins get off at Hiyoshibashi(日吉橋)then walk 20mins(1.8km), Bus fare:200yen/single
  • From Amino train station 4.5km about 25mins by bicycle 
Rental bicycle is available at the train station OPEN 9:00-16:00
Rate:2hrs 200yen, 3hrs 300yen, 1day 500yen
        (Deposit 1000yen which you will get back when you return the bicycle)