Friday, 28 February 2014

From 21st to 25th April 2014

Designer's train ( )will be not running due to periodical check.

So if you are really interested to take this train, you should avoid this period!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Speedboat in Amanohashidate

If you are in hurry to cross over Amanohashidate, you can take a speedboat(5mins to cross Amanohashidate).
Prices are various, usually if you are a big group not that much cost difference with taking a sightseeing boat(12mins to cross Amanohashidate). There is a shared speedboat as well. If you prefer a longer journey, they have also different kinds of route to show you inland sea and the open sea.
Shared speed boat to cross Amanohashidate:700yen~/single

Mamma's lunch(mainly using fresh fish) in Kamanyu area of Ine

Seasonally opened kitchen called "Kamanyu Meshi(蒲入めし)".
This place is not cooked by professional hands.
Local mothers cook for you!
So everyday they serve different and depends on days which kinds of fish you get. Tables are set up in outside which means you are going to eat in front of the sea.
Price:2000yen/person. Cash payment only.
!!!Reservation is necessary!!!
Call for reservation:0772-33-0266(Kamanyu-suisan蒲入水産, they can only speak Japanese...)
OPEN:11:00-14:00(closed on every Thursday)
At the moment, I don't know when is exactly the opening season for them this year(2014) so here is their opening season of 2013 for some of you prefer to estimate.
Season 2014:end of April to end of  September(Closed between 1st-16th August)
*From Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅) take a bus for 1.5hrs(Bus fare:400yen/single) and get off at Kamanyu(蒲入). 
*From Ine(伊根) central about 30mins bus ride.(Bus fare:200yen/single)

22nd(Sat) February 2014

8 Yurukyara ( ) will be on the train for a train company's event. The event itself is held in Nishimaizuru station from 9:30-16:00.

Time of the train: Depart from Toyooka(豊岡)at 7:32 and arrive in Nishimaizuru(西舞鶴) at 9:29.
I think even if you are not interested at all for trains but still you can enjoy train riding with local Japanese characters. Train depart Amanohashidate(天橋立) at 8:45.

Travel Tips for March 2014

If you are plan to use this special offered bus
( )
 and want to visit Amanohashidate&Ine in a day, it won't work, I'm sure of that (Except you are going to do crazy rush asian way of sightseeing.).
I highly recommend you to stay overnight if you are intereted to visit both.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

20th Anniversary event of Funaya-no-sato Park(舟屋の里公園Funaya-no-sato kouen)

Japanese wild boar soup will be served up to 500 people from 10:00. (Free of charge).
Additionaly, you can meet 6 Yurukyara at 11:30 and 12:30. There will also a rice cakes-scattering ceremony from 11:30(Time schedule of this event can be change.). Local food stalls will be available between 10:00-14:00.

Date:23rd(Sun) February 2014
Time: 10:00-14:00
Place: Funaya-no-sato Park(舟屋の里公園)
Access: From Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅) take a bus about 50mins and get off at "Funaya-no-sato-kouen-mae(舟屋の里公園前)". Bus fare:400yen(single) 

Cherry blossoms

Amanohashidate is not a famous place to see cherry blossoms although if you are visiting Japan and missed to see cherry blossoms in Kyoto city(or Tokyo, Hiroshima and so on), usually our cherry blossoms bloom later than them so maybe you can consider that.
(The picture is from 9th April 2013, from on the way to Kasamatsu Park though footpath)

☆Famous place to see cherry blossoms in Miyazu city is Takigami Park(滝上公園Takigami kouen). Blooming season is usually beginning of April to mid April. In the past there was lighting up in the night but I'm not sure now.
P.S. I visited Takigami park spring 2014 and almost of cherry blossoms are too old to bloom. I recommend Miyazu junior high school more than this park.
Access:15mins by bicycle from Amanohashidate station or walk 40mins.
             Location on google map.
By bus from Amanohashidate station about 5mins ride and get off at Sannoubashi(山王橋) and walk 5mins. Bus fare:170yen(single)

☆On the way to Miyazu junior high school. If you are walking straight on a street from Miyazu station, after few mins walk you already can see cherry blossom on the other end of the street. About 10mins walk from Miyazu station.

☆Street Around a fire station near Amanohashidate.
I saw this street's cherry blossom on 6th April 2014 and I think maybe one of the best place to see cherry blossom around Amanohashidate.
Access:15mins by bicycle from Amanohashidate station. There is a cycling path all the way :) Or take a train from Amanohashidate station and get off at Iwatakiguchi station(岩滝口駅) and walk about 5mins(450m). Train fare:210yen.
Map of the location. Please stay beside sea which is the cycling path I mentioned, the map can't show that path completely.... :(

☆At Kasamatsu Park, about 50 cherry blossoms are planted. (The pictures are from 5th April 2013)
☆Amanohashidate Youth Hostel(天橋立ユースホステル). If you are staying at the hostel, around end of March to beginning of April, probably you can enjoy cherry blossoms which bloom in front of the hostel. Also they will light up the trees during this period. 
☆Hanareko Park(離湖公園Hanareko kouen). The biggest freshwater lake in Kyoto prefecture. Circumference of the lake is about 3.4km. Lighting up in the night available for cherry blossom season. About 500 cherry blossoms are planted. Location on google MAP.
Access: From Amino station(網野駅) take a bus about 7mins and get off at Kobama(小浜) and walk 5mins. Bus fare:200yen(single)
Or take a bus from Amino station about 13mins and get off at Hachimanbashi(八幡橋) and walk 7mins. Bus fare:200yen(single)

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Would you like to stay longer in Amanohashidate in the early spring 2014?

Amanohashidate Youth hostel requires Volounteer worker while spring holiday period in Japan. (Around 15th March to 31st March, please ask them directly about details.)
FREE accommodation&food in exchange for work. The work includes cleaning and meal preparation.
They have experience to accept international volounteer workers in the past, for example from Germany, Finland, Belgium, Russia.....
If you are interested, please contact them directly by email!