Monday, 28 October 2013

Kimono flea market on 12th&13th November 2016

Tango region is well-known as a place where produce high quality Kimono fabric in Japan. At this flea market, people will sell their Kimono or goods that could be not used or used. This is a good chance for you to find a real Kimono. About 5000 goods will be on sale.

PLACE: Mineyama sougou fukushi centre(峰山総合福祉センター)
ACCESS: 15mins walk from Mineyama station(峰山駅) or take a bus from Mineyama station(峰山駅) or Amino station(網野駅) and get off at "Tango cyuo-byoin-mae(丹後中央病院前)"

A lighthouse in Tango peninsula

Opening day to public.
Date: 29th October 2016
The lighthouse only opens to the public once or few times per year!
TIME: 10:00-15:00
Admission: FREE of charge
ACCESS: From Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅), take a local bus about 1.5hrs and get off at "Kyougamisaki(経ヶ岬)" and walk 30mins to the lighthouse. Bus fare:400yen(oneway)

P.S. With "Gurutan bus(ぐるたんバス)" you can reach to the lighthouse with less walking! (please check my blog for further info about the bus.)

17th anniversary event at the steam train museum and flea market&farmers market

From 1st October 2013, it became easier to get to the museum by bus than before.

On 3rd&4th November 2013, 17th anniversary event will be held at the steam train museum. You can read about the museum on my blog Steam train museum.

The event will be held from 10:00-15:00 on each day.

On 3rd November 2013, flea market&farmers market will be held between 10:00-15:00. FREE shuttle bus is available during the time between the markets locations to the steam train museum.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Visitors from

Probably most of people have seen "" before you getting to Japan to travel.
Recently, a tour organised by passed through Amanohashidate area. I personally guided them to some places and I think they made nice pictures!!
If you have any questions about locations where they visited, send me message!

Monday, 14 October 2013

One of unusual events in Japan held in Miyazu city!

Every year, BABY SUMO event held at Sannouguu-Hiyoshi-jinjya shrine(山王宮日吉神社) on Health and Sports day(one of public holidays in Japan).
This is a traditional lovely event from Edo period to pray the babies would grow up healthily. The babies take sumo match against unseen gods. Approx 250 babies join this event every year from all over Japan.
TIME:10:00~(registration of the babies will be finish by 13:00)

☆From Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅), take a bus and get off at "Sannouguu(山王宮)" and walk 3mins.Bus fare:170yen/single.
☆ You can also cycle to the shrine about 10mins from Amanohashidate station or 30mins on foot.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tango・Amanohashidate・Ine Pass: The smart way to explorer TANGO!

Original cost.....

*This information is made in 2013, since Japan had consumer tax raised in 2014, the price is slightly higher than tables(about 100JPY).

Amanohashidate Sightseeing ticket :1500JPY

If you are visiting Amanohashidate and Nariai-ji temple, you can save some money by buying this ticket.
The ticket is called "Kasamatsu Kanko-ken(傘松観光券).
Even if you are not visiting Nariai-ji temple but you are sure about you don't walk(or bike) through Amanohashidate, you will save 120JPY than original cost compared with paying round trip of "sightseeing boat and cable-car/chairlift"separately.

The ticket is valid 1day.

You can purchase the ticket at the both piers(Amanohashidate天橋立, Ichinomiya一の宮).


**If you like to walk or bicycle Amanohashidate for oneway, there is a ticket for 1100JPY which include single boat ride between Amanohashidate and Ichinomiya pier and round trip of cable car(or chair-lift) at Kasamatsu park. This ticket also give discount for the mountain bus to Nariai-ji temple.
If you visit Nariai-ji Temple, you will save 390JPY than original cost. Even you don't visit the temple, you will save 90JPY than original cost.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Tango Chirimen(silk fabric) history museum with factory shop
The name of the museum: Tango Chirimen Rekishi kan(丹後ちりめん歴史館)

Admission: FREE

OPEN: 9:00-17:00 (365days)

Address: 313 Iwaya, Yosano, Kyoto 629-2314 (629-2314 京都府与謝野町岩屋313)

*From Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅) take a train to Nodagawa station(野田川駅).  Then take a bus about 15mins and get off at Iwaya-kouminkan-mae(岩屋公民館前) and walk a minute. Train fare:240yen/single, Bus fare:200yen/single
*From Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅) take a bus about 12mins and get off at Iwataki(岩滝) then take another bus about 22mins and get off at Iwaya-kouminkan-mae(岩屋公民館前) and walk a minute. Bus fares:200yen/ride

The official website in English.
Well, their website is kind of flashy....

TIPS: If you interested in textile probably worth to visit, if you are not, better to spend your time visiting the other places. And inside of the museum is quite noisy because of sounds of machines although they are not producing anything there anymore. At the factory shop, you can buy some goods made with Chirimen(Kimono) fabric and also other goods made by silk.