Thursday, 25 April 2013

Guest House on the hill(in the nature) with ocean view

This guest house is re-open on 27th April 2013!
The guest house located inside of a park called "Umi-to-hoshi-no-mieru-oka-kouen"(海と星の見える丘公園) Literary means "the park on the hill, at there you can see sea and stars". While you are staying, you can use 150cm astronomical telescope by FREE of charge.

Capacity: 40 people
Dormitory room (4-8people)
There are western style rooms and Japanese style rooms.
Price: 3500yen/person per night, University student 2500yen/person per night
Meals: Breakfast 600yen, Lunch 800yen, Dinner 2000yen
You must make a reservation at least 7days ahead of your stay.

Contact: or +81 772 28 9111

Address: Satohami, Miyazu, Kyoto 626-0211(〒626-0211京都府宮津市里波見)

From Amanohashidate train station(天橋立駅) take a bus(Ine/Kamanyu/Kyougamisaki line伊根・蒲入・経ヶ岬線) about 40mins towards Ine or Kamanyu or Kyougamisaki (伊根 or 蒲入 or 経ヶ岬). Get off at "Hamiguchi(波見口)". About 30mins(2km) walk from the bus stop. Bus fare 400yen/single. If you are going to stay overnight, they have pick up service available from the bus stop, please ask for further information when you booking with them.
Website(only available in Japanese):Umihoshi