Thursday, 19 December 2013

Would you like to try traditional way of how to welcoming the New Year in Japan?

Locals go to temple to ring a bell to purify from their 108 sins. Also many visit shrine to welcoming the New Year after midnight. If you are in close to Miyazu temple district, you can hear sounds of many bells from around 23:30.

Compared with lots of big cities in Japan, in Miyazu everyone can ring a bell and waiting time is not that much. If you would like to ring a bell, you can visit the listed temple. FREE of charge.

Kyou-ji temple(経王寺): starts 23:30

Nyogan-ji temple(如願寺): starts 23:45

Chigen-ji temple(智源寺):23:00

In Miyazu, Kono-jinjya shrine serves the most number of people visiting for wishing for the New Year. The New Year praying starts from midnight.

Wakinomiya-jinja shrine

Kono-jinja shrine
If you are staying at Amanohashidate Fuchu area(府中地区), Kono-shrine is located. Also I'm not 100% sure but if you would like to try ring a bell in the area, perhaps at Jikou-ji temple(慈光寺) you can try that!