Friday, 12 April 2013

1day pass of KTR(local trains) within Tango region

This 1day pass will be finish selling by 31st March 2014.
The pass is called Ichinichi-furii-kippu(一日フリーきっぷ).
With this pass, you can take all the local trains of KTR as many time as you want in a day. If you would like to take an express train, you must pay extra cost of the express because the pass only covers ordinaly fare of trains.


Where to purchase:
The pass is available at 15 stations of KTR. (Fukuchiyama福知山, Nishimaizuru西舞鶴, Miyazu宮津, Amanohashidate天橋立, Toyooka豊岡 and so on.)

If you are using JR-pass to traveling to Amanohashidate for a day trip from Kyoto for example, it is worth to purchase this pass. Local train will cost 750yen/one way between Fukuchiyama(hab station to change trains between JR line and KTR line) to Amanohashidate, so buying this pass save 300yen than original fare.