Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sumo match in Ayabe city in Autumn!

This is not a tournament(which usually last 2weeks everyday) and only one day special sumo match by proffessional sumo wrestlers!
Date: 21st October 2013
Place: Ayabe-shi sougou undou kouen taiikukan(綾部市総合運動公園体育館)
Ticket: 5000yen-10000yen/person (depends on the seat, I called them(on 21st June 2013) and about 20-30% of seats are left but most expensive class seats(over 10000yen) are already sold out!)
The ticket include lunch(Bento box style) plus original cushion.
You can purchase the ticket at Ayabe tourist information which located opposite side of Ayabe train station(綾部駅).
FREE shuttle bus is available from Umezako station (梅迫駅) on the match day!
The shuttle bus run from Umezako station between 7:30 to 10:50. From The match place 15:20-16:00.