Sunday, 3 November 2013

From 1st November 2013, a cream colour re-designed train started running officially!

This new train is designed by a famous Japanese industrial designer "Eiji Mitooka". He designed Shinkansen(bullet train) and seven stars(the most luxury excursion train in Japan) and so on.
In Tango region, already two trains designed by him are running from spring 2013, the trains called Akamatsu&Aomatsu.
From the 1st of November Akamatsu is joined to the new cream coloured train(unfortunately, this one has no name :( ). And no extra charge neither, you pay ordinal train fare for this cream one. But Akamatsu you must pay additional 300yen.
Now, Aomatsu running by himself?(herself?) due to Akamatsu and Aomatsu separated from each other from 1st November 2013, which means, every day you have chance to ride them from or to Amanohashidate :)

Please check timetable of the trains on following link!