Saturday, 23 November 2013

Nariai-ji temple

The temple is founded in 704. It was located at the top of mountain in the beginning although in 1400, landslide was happened in the mountain and they needed to move down the temple to the location where the temple stands now.
There is also a five storied pagoda which built in 1998, at that time, Japan was experiencing economic bubble so they could spend lots of money to build up this wooden pagoda in such countryside(mountain).
Admission fee:500yen(If you visit by car)
                    400yen(If you take a mountain bus)
This admission fee also give you access to visit the panoramic view point!
Traditionally, this temple is known as a temple of Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage(Totally 33 temples).

Access: 20mins walk from Kasamatsu park or 7mins by mountain bus from Kasamatsu park(Mountain bus:350yen/single). I recommend to take the mountain bus if you are interested to visit the panoramic view point, so you can skip some walk on steep road.

Go up to the panoramic view point, there is a path on the left side of the temple, it took me 30mins to the view point.(Officially, they say it will take 40mins on foot to the view point.) At the viewpoint there is a tiny cafĂ©, runned by temple, when the weather is nice, they have open-deck area.
                                              (From the panoramic view point)