Friday, 8 March 2013

Swim in unique beautiful scenic spot!

The beach is called "Hei-kaisui-yokujo平海水浴場". This is the biggest and beautiful beach in the area. There is a view in the beach which looks similar to one of the three most beautiful view spot in Japan called "Matsushima(松島)".
Facility(Available during peak season):
Shower, Toilets, Changing room
Hei, Tango, Kyotango, Kyoto京都府京丹後市丹後町平 Click here for MAP! 
45mins by bus from Mineyama station(峰山駅). Take a bus "Kaigan line海岸線" towards "Kyougamisaki(経ヶ岬行き)" and get off at "Hei(平)". Bus fare: 200yen/single