Tuesday, 18 October 2016

ONI(Japanese demon) festival



Date: 30th October 2016
Time: 10:00-15:00
Access: The festival held at two different area.
Main area is located around Oe station(大江駅). To get to sub area, take a bus from Oe station about 30mins and get off at "Oe-yama-no-ie(大江山の家)". Bus fare(single)=200JPY/person.

What I recommend the most about this is not the event itself(well of course you can visit the event if you are interested), this day is the easiest to get to the area where you can enjoy autumn leaves in Mt.Oe. From the sub area of the festival, about 10mins walk and you can visit the suspension bridge which in the picture above(look for the sign, Futasegawa-keiryu, 二瀬川渓流). Around the bridge, there is an easy trekking route which takes about 1hr.
**In the mountain, there are many wild animals are living so I don't recommend you travel alone and please tell your accommodation staff where you are going and please say hello to everyone who you meet at there(this is unspoken rule in mountain in Japan, to avoid nobody knows about where you gone, in case of emergency).
If you are visiting not on this day, you can see autumn leaves usually around end of October to end of November. Please get off the bus at Onigachaya(鬼ヶ茶屋) and walk about 5mins for the suspension bridge. Also turn on radio loudly to avoid meeting bear.

Shuttle bus timetable from Oe station to Oe-yama-no-ie(only available on 30th Oct. 2016)
Shuttle bus timetable from Oe-yama-no-ie to Oe station(only available on 30th Oct. 2016)

Bus timetable from Oe station to Onigachaya(鬼ヶ茶屋) for year-round
Bus timetable from Onigachaya(鬼ヶ茶屋) to Oe station for year-round