Friday, 24 February 2017

Uber - Sasae-ai-kotsu(ささえ合い交通)
In Tango region, there is an area where Uber launched first time in Japan since May 2016.
Until now, about 20% of the users are international tourists such as British, Australian from that fact, I thought I can recommend this system on my blog now.
The service cover a trip which start from Tango-cho area.
Fare: 480yen(a base fare, up to 1.5km) then add each 1km cost 120yen.
For example, if you want to ride for 5km, you will pay 900yen.
You can pay by credit card or cash.
Drivers are all local and wearing an orange vest. Please don't expect they have a big car to pick you up.
Operation hours: 8:00-20:00

To use Uber, you need to download their app. For further information, visit their official website.