Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Go beach hopping in Tango region!

In Tango, we don't have islands to do "island hopping" but we have beaches which you can do "beach hopping" :) Maybe you think what is the reason to visit many beaches in a region? Because each beach has different way of how to enjoy!

1. Amanohashidate beach
The best beach for sun-bathing. Surrounded about 8000 pine trees and waves are calm even feel like a lake. On 3,6km long beach, you can find your spot to chill out. Also it is a shallow beach so suitable for children. Beside beach, I recommend you to visit Kasamatsu park for "bridge to heaven" view which literally what Amanohashidate means in Japanese.

2. Nochigahama beach
The best beach for stroll. Before get to the beach, walk up to a lookout point which is also known as Onaru-Kofun-gun(Onaru burial mound, it is an ancient burial mound from 6th-7th century, the time Tango region was "Tango Kingdom" and that time the Kingdom played important role to contacting with Eurasia continent), you can see beautifully naturally carved rocks. After enjoyed the view, take a stairs down to the beach. On the beach, you can see a huge rock it is called Tateiwa which has Jizo statue inside the rock.

3. Kotohikihama beach
The best beach for having a fun? The beach is known as a singing sand, if the sand is wet, it cannot work..... If you still want to hear the sound when it's raining, you can visit the museum by the beach. Also on the beach, there is a tiny open-air Onsen(hot spring) for free of charge, it is not separated by sex so must wear swimsuit. Have a nice relax time by the sea!

*I don't have own pictures for sea-kayaking since this is brand new project, so I borrowing pictures from Kamai Coast sea-kayaking club and I also recommend to watch a short video taken by them for sea-kayaking experience. Please click here, for the video.

4. Kamai beach area
The best beach area for sea-kayaking. Please check another page of my blog for further info. http://seasidekyoto.blogspot.com/2017/02/sea-kayaking-in-kumihamafrom-april-to.html 
We are not located in tropical area but the colour of the sea is stunning! All the sea-kayaking tour start from early morning(8:30) so no public transportation is running so please stay over night at Furan-no-yakata where is the meeting point of the tours.

There are too many places I don't want to miss out from travel route but I know I cannot include all...so this is the four significant beaches which I highly recommend! (There are more beaches available in Tango region, please look at "Swimming-sea" category from my blog.) There are certain reasons of why I started from 1 to 4, so I don't recommend changing the visiting order.

Travel model route focused on beach hopping(so please consider this for April to November, if you want to swim July to September(September can be too late, depends on each year)) and include must see sightseeing spots in Tango region!

1st DAY
From JR Kyoto station to Nishimaizuru station, take an express train or local trains that is depends on your budget. From Nishimaizuru station, take a local train(Tantetsu) to Amanohashidate station. Leave your luggage at the coin locker or your accommodation. Start sightseeing in Amanohashidate, visit Chion-ji Temple then walk through Amanohashidate(beach hopping 1) then visit Kono-jinja shrine then continue to Kasamatsu Park and Nariai-ji Temple, if you still have time, climb up to the panoramic view point! The highest view point of Amanohashidate. Take a sightseeing boat back to Amanohashidate station side. Stay overnight at Amanohashidate or Miyazu.

2nd DAY
In the morning, visit Miyazu downtown, Catholic church and Old Mikami house.
In the afternoon, take a local bus(or boat available on weekends&public holiday in the morning) to Ine(boat-house village). In Ine, take a sightseeing boat or sea taxi if you didn't take a boat to arrive in Ine. Then use bike sharing or walk to stroll around the village. Stay overnight at Ine.

3rd DAY
Take a local bus to "Ukawa-Onsen-Yoshino-no-sato" (this is a hot spring place so if you like to stop at here, enjoy before getting next bus) then change to another bus and get off at "Tenki-tenki-mura". Visit Onaru burial mound and Nochigahama beach(beach hopping 2). Take a bus to "Kotohikihama", enjoy the beach(beach hopping 3). Take a local bus to "Amino-eki(Amino station)" then take a local train to Kumihama station. Stay overnight at Furan-no-yakata.

4th DAY
Enjoy sea-kayaking tour in the morning or a full day(beach hopping 4). After the experience, go back to Kumihama station then continue your trip to wherever...