Thursday, 2 February 2017

Setsubun - Bean-Throwing Festival
This is the day before the beginning of spring according to the old Japanese calendar. In Japan, we have traditional custom to throw roasted soy-beans at home on 3rd Feb. every year. For you as a visitor in Japan and who likes to see a traditional way of celebration, I can recommend to experience this event in here.
In Miyazu disctrict, we also visit temple on this day.
You can attend this Setsubun ceremony session which is open to public. After you pass the gate of the temple, people are serving warm sake in bamboo which is free welcome drink, this is also tradition, here, so let's try it! To get into the temple, you need to take off your shoes. You can hear monks's Buddhist chanting. After the chant, the monks will throw beans and some candies and you can catch or pick up that(all those things are eatable, in case, you get a coin, which we save it in our purse). Then before you are going outside monks will give you a chant for wishing health. The ceremony last at most 30mins.
Beside the ceremony, let's have a look on the ceiling of the temple, you can see a dynamic painting of a dragon ascending to heaven.

Date: 3rd February 2017
Time: 15:00 and 19:00(make sure to arrive at the temple before the ceremony starts)
Place: Kyoo-ji Temple(経王寺)
Access: about 15mins walk from Miyazu station(For walking route, please click the link below.)
Google map - walking route