Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Sea-kayaking in Kumihama(From April to October)

(The picture was taken in Oct. 2016, so in the summer time, I guess more gorgeous.)

Sea-kayak experience is offered by Kamai-kaigan sea-kayak club(かまい海岸シーカヤッククラブ). 

Their business is just started from 2016 and all instructors are licensed and locals.

For people who only want to try a bit of sea-kayaking, there is a course called "Group share pack(グループシェアパック)" and you can apply from 3 people to 8 people.
Duration: about 1 hour
Price: 10000yen/group

Guided kayak tours
(The prices included: insurance, guide and kayak rental) 
For beginner, "Kamai-hannichi course(かまい半日コース)" , during this course you will be paddling in calm sea area started from Kamai beach.
Duration: about 3 hours (start at 8:30)
Price: 6000yen/person per single kayak, 11000yen/tandem kayak
*The price include tax.

For people have done "Kamai-hannichi course" before, try "Asahi-hannichi course(あさひ半日コース)", during this course you will paddle into narrow rock walls and rough rocky area.
Duration: about 3 hours (start at 8:30)
Price: 6000yen/person per single kayak, 11000yen/tandem kayak
*The price include tax.

For people, who wants to try both course in a day, "Ichinichi course(1日コース)". You will start from "Kamai-hannichi course in the morning then the instructor will check if you are possible to continue to "Asahi-hannichi course" in the afternoon. For join in this course, you need have physical fitness which you can continue paddling for 5 hours.
Duration: about 5 hours (start at 8:30)
Price: 11000yen/person per single kayak, 21000yen/tandem kayak
*The price include tax.

Children can join the tour from 3 years old. From 3 years old to 9 years old, need to be ride on the middle of tandem kayak without paddling. Although, for child from age 6-12, instructor will decide which experience is the most suitable for your child, can paddle on tandem kayak or single kayak and so on.

I recommend to stay at Furan-no yakata, the day before the tour cause all the tour start from early morning and the inn is meeting point of the tour. Additionally, overnight guests can get a discount on the tour for 1000yen/kayak.

Things to bring:
extra clothe(you may get wet during the tour), sandals or marine shoes, sun protection cream, towel, sunglasses, swimsuits(or clothe which can protect you from the sun when you playing in the water), windbreaker or rain jacket(depends on the weather), travel insurance documents.

0772-83-1033(from Japanese domestic phone), +81-772-83-1033(from foreign phone)
Unfortunately, I don't think they can speak English so better to ask your accommodation staff or someone who can speak Japanese. So the tour also provided in Japanese.
Their official website(in Japanese): http://www17.plala.or.jp/kamaiseakayac/index.html