Thursday, 28 February 2013

Udon noodle restaurant

The restaurant called "Konpira-Udon(こんぴらうどん)" and they are specializing in Udon noodlles. Their noodles&soups are Homemade. I highly recommend!! Forget about what you ate at Udon chain stores in Japan, that's not tasty at all after you tried this one! :D
Usually about 20 different Udon menu available. (Served in cold or hot) Also variety of the menu is depends on season. English menu available with pictures! 

OPEN 11:00-15:00
Price range:700yen-1200yen
Address:2057-32 Tsuruga, Miyazu, Kyoto(京都府宮津市字鶴賀2057-32)
Access: 5mins(400m) walk from Miyazu(宮津) train station