Monday, 4 February 2013

Hot spring - Kumihama-onsen/Yumotokan(久美浜温泉/湯元館)
Well, probably this is the oldest hot spring spot in Tango region so facilities are not new but they maintained well and attracts many Japanese tourists and hold the biggest outdoor bath in Tango region.

Price: 600yen/person
Open: 8:00-21:00
Address:1106-4 Hirata, Kumihama, Kyotango, Kyoto(京都府京丹後市久美浜町平田1106-4)
*Please use Japanese address to find the location on google.
Access: By bus about 30mins from Amino(網野) train station. Take a bus "Yasaka/Amino-sakyu line(弥栄網野砂丘線)" towards "Kumihama-onsen Yumotokan(久美浜温泉 湯元館)" and get off at the last stop! Bus fare: 200yen/single

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