Sunday, 8 June 2014

Special experience in Kimono fabric producing town: Let's make your own lantern with Kimono strings bobbin!

I wanted to introcude this place for long time but somehow I always forgot...:P
Place: Hirose Sousaku Kougei(広瀬創作工芸)
Time: About 2.5hrs
Price:3240yen/each for Lantern with strings
         3780yen/each for Lantern with Washi-paper
         2700yen/each for Wind Bell with strings(this offer is available during June to Aug)
The experinces can offer from two people.
Reservation necessary.
TEL:0772-42-5609(From Japanese phone) or +81 772 42 5609(From foreign number)
FAX:0772-42-0480(From Japanese phone) or +81 772 42 0480(From foreign number)
If you can't speak Japanese, ask tourist information or your inn staff to help you to book.
From Nodagawa station(野田川駅) go to a bus stop called Nodagawa-ekimae(野田川駅前) and take a bus(Fukuchiyama line(福知山線) or Yosa line(与謝線) and get off at Kounokouminkan nishi(後野公民館西) and walk 1min(130m).
Bus fare:200yen/single.
Bus Time schedule:
From Nodagawa-ekimae depart at ①9:45②11:46③13:29④15:04(④runs except weekends, public holidays and 30th Dec to 3rd Jan), arrive at Kounokouminkan nishi①10:14②12:15③13:58④15:33.
From Kounokouminkan nishi depart at ①12:51②13:46③15:52④17:16,arrive at Nodagawa ekimae①13:20②14:15③16:21④17:36.
If you are staying or visiting Kasamatsu Park area, the bus start running from Kasamatsu keburu shita(傘松ケーブル下) bus stop as well. 
Hirose Sousaku Kougei(広瀬創作工芸)