Sunday, 8 June 2014

Hydrangea garden in Maizuru! (This garden has the most number of hydrangea in Japan???)

50000 hydrangea with 60 different species is planted in the garden.
I went there last year(2013) and I was too late to see full blooming. So I think, to see the best is around end of June in generally. Some people discribed the garden as "Sea of Hydrangea". My pictures are from 11/07-2013.
TIPS: Visiting this place can take up to a whole day so be careful for planning, unless you have car. And take an insects repellent spray is recommended.
Season 2014:18th June-9th July 2014
Time:9:00-17:00(Last admission 16:30)
Place:Maizuru Natural Cultural Garden(Maizuru Shizen Bunka en 舞鶴自然文化園)
(Weekday)From Higashi-Maizuru station(東舞鶴駅) take a Mihama line bus(三浜線) and get off at Shizen-bunka-en(自然文化園). Bus fare:600yen/single.
From Higashi-Maizuru station ①10:50②12:50 and arrive at Shizen-bunka-en ①11:18②13:18.
From Shizen-bunka-en depart at ①11:49②13:49③17:04 and arrive at Higashi-Maizuru station①12:16②14:16③17:31.
There is one day bus ticket for 1000yen called Kamaboko-tegata(かまぼこ手形)and that will be include the admission fee to the garden as well. You can't buy from bus driver, you need to purchase at bus ticket office located outside of Nishi-Maizuru station or Higashi Maizuru station or tourist information.
If you already have any of Kyoto Sea Area Pass, your pass should covers the bus fare. Although I think almost no foreign tourists in this area so make sure to ask bus driver and show the pass before the bus departs, because maybe they never seen it before....since the pass started selling from April 2014.