Sunday, 5 March 2017

Japanese inn located by the singing sand beach

The inn is called "New Maruta(ニュー丸田荘)".
This inn located at one of the best location to enjoy singing sand beach, only a couple of minutes to walk!!
Another good thing about this place is, they have three bathrooms which is Onsen(hot spring) and you can use it for privately so no one will enter while you are using. Please note, there is no private bathrooms in your room.
You can book them online in English.
Access: From Amino station, take a bus(Kaigansen line海岸線 or Taiza-junkansen line間人循環線) and get off at "Kotohikihama(琴引浜)" and walk about 5mins. Bus fare: 200yen/person

Their official website(in Japanese)