Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Ine⇔Miyazu・Amanohashidate boat info for 2017

Why not take a boat to visit Ine?
This boat runs between Miyazu - Amanohashidate - Ine - Ine sightseeing boat pier. The boat has toilet.
*If you get off the boat at "Ine", you will arrive on the place called "Funaya Biyori" complex building. For further info about the building please read another page of my blog.

Every Sat&Sun&Public holidays from 29th Apr. until 5th Nov. 2017

1500yen/single, 2700yen/return

Miyazu pier 9:50→Amanohashidate pier 10:00→Ine 10:50→Ine sightseeing boat pier 11:00

Ine sightseeing boat pier 14:50→Ine 15:00→Amanohashidate pier 15:50→Miyazu pier 16:00

I highly recommend taking this boat!!  I recommend to stay on the top of the boat from Miyazu pier to end of Amanohashidate, then go inside the boat(Inside the boat has large windows and sometime they have a water tank with some fish which can catch in the local sea). Be prepared for wind and sun!