Monday, 4 March 2013

Rent a bicycle and drop off at any of 6 stations!!
1 bicycle station in Amanohashidate area& 5 bicycle stations located in Nodagawa(野田川) area where famous for producing Kimono fabric(Crape) called Tango-chirimen(丹後ちりめん) "Crape is a silk fabric used to produce rich Kimono." 1/3 of silk fabric of Japan is made in this area!

You can rent a bike from one of the 6 stations and return to one of the stations.
The stations CLOSED January&February&March.
OPEN 10:00-15:00(to rent), until 17:00(to return)
Cost: 200yen/bike *Once you return a bike to one of the station and would like to rent a bike again, you need to pay next 200yen/bike

1.Michinoeki-shirukunomachikaya(道の駅シルクのまちかや) 200m from Steam train museum
2.Yosano Tourist office(Yosanocyo-kanko-kyokai与謝野町観光協会)
3.Nodagawa forest park(野田川フォレストパーク)
5.Nodagawa train station(野田川駅)
Please click here for the stations MAP!