Thursday, 20 April 2017


A week after the new cafe is opened in Ine, I finally visited there. They have two floors and I liked both floors. Even a view from the window along the stairs was picturesque. They serve coffee, tea and juice also homemade cakes. Price range is around 450-700JPY. I tried their lunch of the day and a cake. The lunch is you can see on the last picture, include 3 locally caught fresh fish dishes(Sashimi, grilled fish, soup with fish), sorts of fish is depends on each day. The lunch costs 2160JPY. I especially recommend their cakes :D You need to order and pay at the counter then you get a number which will be collected when they will bring beverage or food to your table later. The location and cosy atmosphere, worth to visit while stroll around Ine.

Open:10:00-17:00(closed on Wed)
Access: walk about 5mins from "Ine" bus stop. I don't recommend to drive into Ine village. Please take a public transportation.