Saturday, 2 May 2015

Ine⇔Miyazu・Amanohashidate boat info for 2015

Why not take a boat to visit Ine?
This boat runs between Miyazu - Amanohashidate - Ine - Ine sightseeing boat pier. The boat has toilet.

Period: Every Sat&Sun&Public holidays until 3rd Nov. 2015

Fare:1500yen/one-way, 2700yen/round trip


Miyazu pier 11:15→Amanohashidate pier 11:25→Ine 12:15→Ine sightseeing boat pier 12:25

Ine sightseeing boat pier 14:50→Ine 15:00→Amanohashidate pier 15:50→Miyazu pier 16:00

I highly recommend taking this boat!! From Miyazu pier to end of Amanohashidate, I recommend to stay on the roof then go inside the boat.(Inside the boat has large window)