Tuesday, 3 February 2015

From 1st April 2015

The local train company name in Tango region will be change.

NOW "KTR=Kitakinki Tango Railway"
From 1st April 2015 "KTR=Kyoto Tango Railway"

Basically abbreviation is the same in English ;)
Although the company want to use "Tantetsu" as the abbreviation in Japanese. So probably you need to use this word to search in the future.

Also some of the stations name will be change.(I only listed up the stations which you maybe come accross while you visiting in Tango region.)
Nodagawa station→Yosano station
Tango-Omiya station→Kyotango-Omiya station
Kitsu-Onsen station→Yuhigaura-Kitsu-Onsen station
Tango-Kanno station→Syotenkyo station

Additionally, the company will start selling 25 different kinds of tickets targeting not only tourists.
So I will not describe all these 25 tickets on my blog, I will only introduce useful tickets for tourists :)