Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Miyazu Bay cruise in August 2014!

Date(August 2014):


Ticket office will be open from 16:15
Departure time:16:45
Returning time:17:15

Depart from Miyazu pier(Miyazu Sanbashi宮津桟橋).
Returning point is also Miyazu pier.

Access to Miyazu pier:
About 10mins walk from Miyazu station(宮津駅).
About 10mins by bike from Amanohashidate station.
A few minutes walk from Kisenbaminatokan(キセンバ港館) bus stop.
The pier is located behind of a shopping centre called "Mipple(ミップル)".

The boat has roof-top :)
All passengers can get a bag of snack to feed seagulls for FREE.
The boat take a route to Amanohashidate and pass through the swing bridge in Amanohashdiate then take a short round trip and coming back to Miyazu pier.