Saturday, 24 May 2014

Enjoy watching Sea sparkles!

What to do in the night in small seaside town of Japan?
Why not go to the sea and look for sea sparkles? :D
Sea sparkles is called "Yakou-cyu(夜光虫)" in Japanese.
[Sea sparkles watching tour]
Date: 30th May 2014
Time: 19:50 at Ine-wan meguri Hide(a sightseeing boat pier in Ine) end by 21:00
Reservation necessary:0772-32-0277(From Japan)+772 32 0277(From the other countries)
The tour is max 50 people.
The tour can't guarantee on you can watch sea sparkles.

*caution*There is no public transportation runs at this time.

Even you are not join in this tour, if you staying over night in Tango region, you can try it on your own!