Thursday, 29 September 2016

Baby Sumo on 10th October 2016

Would you like to see cute babies dressed in sumo wrestler costume?

Details about the festival, please read another page of my blog.

It is free to see the event, although if you like to register your baby or grandchild to the event, it cost 5000JPY per child. The cost covers costume and all preparation. **The limit of age is up to 2 years old.
TIME:10:00~(registration of the babies will be finish by 13:00)

☆From Amanohashidate station(天橋立駅) or Miyazu station(宮津駅), take a bus and get off at "Sannouguu(山王宮)" and walk 3mins toward mountain side(you will see stairs). Bus fare:200yen/single.
☆ You can also cycle to the shrine about 10mins from Amanohashidate station or 30mins on foot. From Miyazu station about 5mins by bicycle or 15mins on foot.

Fireworks festival in Amanohashidate on 30th Oct. 2016

In whole Japan, it is usual to held firework festival in summer, so if you had no chance to see in summer time, why not visit here? Compared with summer, autumn has clear air(not humid) so in fact fireworks looks more beautiful :)
About 2000 fireworks will be used at this festival, also food stands are available.
(I think this video was taken from Kasamatsu Park)
Date: 30th October 2016
Time: Fireworks start at around 19:30
Access: From Amanohashidate station, walk through Amanohashidate about 40mins or 20mins by bicycle. Or you can take a boat from Amanohashidate pier(about 5mins walk from Amanohashidate station) to Ichinomiya pier.
Also from Miyazu downtown area, you can take a boat from Miyazu pier to Ichinomiya pier.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Illuminated event in Miyazu

The event is called "Yawarabi"(和火)Yawarabi. The event is going to use about 10000 lights made by locals. Food stalls are available in the event area. If you are plan to stay overnight in Miyazu or Amanohashidate during the event, I recommend to enjoy the atmosphere of Japanese local events.
Date: 7th-9th October 2016
Time:18:00-21:00(18:00-22:00 on 8th)
Access:Walk about 10mins from Miyazu station or about 10mins ride by bicycle from Amanohashidate station.
**You can see illumination already from Miyazu station although to the main area of the event, it takes about 10mins which I wrote on above.

From 1st November 2016

No longer Amanohashidate Pass, Ine Pass nor Wide Pass is available to purchase.
About the Pass, please read my blog page below.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Special timetable for Amanohashidate sightseeing boat for holidays in 2016&2017

Date for 2016: 22nd Sep, 24th Sep, 25th Sep
                        1st Oct, 2nd Oct, 8th Oct, 9th Oct, 10th Oct,
                        15th Oct, 16th Oct, 22nd Oct, 23rd Oct, 29th Oct, 30th Oct

Special timetable for 2016

Date for 2017: 1st Jan, 2nd Jan, 3rd Jan

Special timetable for 2017

Except the dates I listed up here, please check the usual timetable in my blog page below.

From 1st October 2016

Local bus timetable will be change.
There is no change for hop-on and hop off bus timetable.
If you are going to travel after 1st October 2016, please check actual timetable on the spot.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Summer is over for this year.

In Amanohashidate, shower(free of charge) on the beach is closed for this year by 23rd Aug.
If you are visiting Amanohashidate for swimming, there is only a tap which located in front of public toilet, at there you can wash your feet.